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Please Read The RuleBook

I was just thinking today Why are we here? or better still who put us here in this big world?
I suppose if i could stand up and be really truthful I would say God put us here…
Before you all jump up and start shouting things like there is no God or Rubbish can someone tell me otherwise?
The more I look at life and look at all the things around me and the beauty of nature something must be behind it.
Did we just crawl out of the sea and suddenly wow we are here!…or did someone make everything someone who if we let him will control our lives and help us make sense of it all.
I suppose people would say God did nothing for me…well have you asked him..
I know a bit about football and I know that I can not lift the ball and throw it into the net and scream Goal!!!
Its against the rules how do I know? it is in the rule book! then why do so many people say there is no God but havent read the rulebook the Bible.
If there is a God and as I say i think there is a God why do so many people not believe in him or have no time for him is it because they could not be bothered to read the bible? LOTS OF PEOPLE SAY I have asked God for such and such a thing and got nothing! what do you expect ?
YOU WOULD NOT WALK INTO A STRANGERS HOUSE AND SAY MAKE ME MY TEA OR I AM TAKING THE CAR TONIGHT GIVE ME THE KEYS! why because you do not know the people in that house they are strangers! how then will they ever know God and his goodness unless they read the rulebook and study it and talk to him!.
In todays society we live fast too fast we want everything and we want it now but if you shut your eyes for a few moments in a quiet place sit down in the quiet and listen….that is you thinking! a unique being a one off person there is nobody in the whole world like you that is a big thought! do this for a while and then ask yourself who am I? what am I? did something make me? what is my destiny,
For me it makes scense that God made us and wants us to know about himself he really wants us to read the Bible and understand it. I often think God is shouting at us …over here look over here! its me! find out about me read the rulebook it is not all don’t do this and don’t do that there is a way of life for you I can provide it! don’t look at others! don’t compare me to anyone !find out for yourself you may be suprised what you will find! read the rulebook!
Today is sunny I am in the garden the grass is cut the flowers are blooming the smell of scent fills the air,the insects are going about their business the birds are building nests life goes on
life can be good and life can be hard sometimes very hard…so what is is all about?who are we? what are we? is there meaning to life? why am I here?
I have just shut my eyes I am sitting in the garden on this lovely hot summer afternoon life goes on all around me and….. hey did someone just shout…over here over here..Please read the RuleBook Please…


May 9, 2007 - Posted by | religion

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