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Come on over to N Ireland all is rosy in the garden

Well it has really happened N Ireland is at peace but what happened did I miss something it all happened so fast after years and years of fighting suddenly it is all over…so what happened…Here is what people over here really say.1 There was no other choice people were very sick of killing and hatred and no matter what the so called politicians said there was no other way but to have …Peace.2 It could have happened sooner and should have David Trimble and John Hume were right and peace should have come….but the DUP got in the way why? Well hear me out later.3
America called all out war on terrorists and the IRA had no where to go so they had to seek Peace.
4 Its all about money and the British Government said Peace or you are all out of a job.5 The Rev I
Paisley would only want it if he was in charge (my way or no way).
The troubles in our land has been a terrible mistake by its people thousands of people were killed, maimed and scarred for life why…..well there are two sides to the story……If you were a Protestant many wanted to remain British why? Because that is who they are Ulster people who belong to the
UK they have been brought up British with all its laws, beliefs and ways British.
If you were a Roman Catholic many believed that Ireland was Irish and should be united they have an Irish tradition beliefs and ways and believe that N Ireland should not be part of the
At this point I have to say that many on both sides never took part in the troubles and hated anything to do with it although it was hard to live here and watch everything going on lots of descent people lived in fear and said or did nothing.It is sad that so few people had so big a say and wrecked so many lives and the vast majority of people on both sides were powerless to do anything. Fear is a powerful weapon and was used by both sides with great affect. Also Propaganda paid a big part and sadly some people believed everything the heard or wanted to hear and sadly there were many here who wanted to make sure people heard lots of things that were untrue but boosted their case.Why has the Rev
Paisley suddenly changed from never, never and never to all is fine in the garden. Well I suppose we will never know but it is strange that he is No 1 ( First Minister ) has everybody calling with him patting him on the back saying good boy well done you are great etc…………
The strange thing is all this was not brought about by the DUP as they claim but was sorted out in the Good Friday Agreement by other people like David Trimble and John Hume to name but a few. Does money talk or power change people I will let you work that out for yourself…………Remember the thousands of innocent people here in
N Ireland who have lost their lives been maimed been hurt deeply and will never be the same again what about them…………..
It is very strange that we have people now in Government who partook in a lot of this hurt on both sides and most of them have never said sorry… 

I wonder if the troubles never had happened would
N Ireland have changed naturally would mankind have moved on………….
So come on over to N Ireland all is rosy in the garden give Big Ian a ring he might invite you to one of his many parties……………………..


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