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I think we all have been conned by Big Brother!

What is wrong? Has every one got one? Is there no one left? There must be someone out there who has not got a Mobile Phone.

Every one I see has one coming out of their head the dreaded Mobile Phone. Men and Women walking up and down the Street crossing the road, shopping, driving, filling their car with petrol, pushing a pram, queuing in shops, queuing in banks, jogging, driving buses, in the hair dressers, in the airport, standing on the street corner, people walking up and down beside their car waving their hands in the air with a mobile in their ear, or the dreaded one person in a shop calling home to see what brand of baked beans they want at home!
Children and adults sending nonsense by text like: Hello what you at? Answer ntng wt y at? What is wrong with everybody? What is everybody saying that is so important……………………? Can it not wait?

What did we do without them how did we live without them? How many nonsense mobile phone calls and texts are made every day throughout the world and how much money is made by the operators?
Before you make your next mobile call think do I need to call this person? Do I need to text this person? Do I need to take a photo of my feet or the back of someone’s head and send it by text to someone who will hardly look at it?

The question we all should be answering is who is winning in all this? Who is making the money? One thing for sure is you are not!

Come on world wake up do we want a world like this?

I think we all have been conned by Big Brother!


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