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Why are there so many churches?

Life is a funny thing if you really think about it. We are born we grow up and we get old well most of us some of us get sick some prosper others don’t some find life very hard some don’t and then life here is over. So what is it all about?Down through the ages people have looked to this and that stars in the night sky idols of every kind but no one thing could really provide an answer for mankind  like:Why are we here? What are we? Who are we? Are we alone? What is life about? Is there a God? Why is the world so divided? Why are there rich people and poor people? Where is god when we need him? Why am I sick?

And then along came Jesus.

In today’s world of: Television, satellite, mobile phones, computers, Christian TV I wonder what God would say about what is happening in our world today and how well we are doing the Lords work as Christians and how well we portray his message to the world and how we answer peoples questions and needs as Christians.

I wonder what God would say.

If you think this blogg will give you the answers to these and more questions please think again we all have questions we would like to know the answers to and so have I.So why write this blogg? I have been looking at the world through my small eyes and may I say small mind and wondering I just wonder what God would say? Right from the start I have to say that I believe the Bible and know in my heart the love of Jesus and believe that through is death on a cross we can receive salvation,  a new life and a place in heaven through no works of our own.But after saying that… Here are a few of my Questions and I just wonder what God would say?It has always puzzled me why there are so many Christian churches why are there so many churches? The free church the Free Free Church the we are really Free Church the independent Free Church, Presbyterians, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, Salvation Army, House Churches AND ON AND ON! What is wrong or who is wrong are we all wrong or is everybody right (I have to sit down feel dizzy)

I just wonder what God would say to me?

God: Hello John where are you going?

John: I am on my way to church see my bible?  God: Good.  John: Presbyterian that’s me. God: Good.  John: Good that I am a Presbyterian?  God: No good you are going to church. John: Good solid people Presbyterians. God: Good. John: Good that they are solid? God: No good you are going to church. God: Where are those people going? John: They are going to other churches. God: Good  John: Good they are going to other churches? God: No good they are going to Church. John: ok I think.  God: They are not Presbyterian then?  John: No they belong to other churches there are lots of them. God: Who do Presbyterians worship? John: Why you of course God. God: Who do the other people worship?  John: You God.  God: Would it not be better if you all worshiped me together or is there a problem?  John: Well some people say we should worship like this and some people say we should worship like that some people say they have the whole truth some say there is not enough praise in the service some say not enough teaching some baptize babies some baptize adults it goes on and on some talk about being full of the holy spirit and sing praise to you with their arms up the air some only sing Psalms others sing with no music it is complicated.

God: Am I complicated?

John: No

God: Then why is going to church together so hard. Do you think man and his ego has anything to do with it? If you love me and have received my salvation for free can you not stand in unity together and worship me? And by the way who founded all these churches?  John: They were founded by men and women who claim you told them to.    God: All of them.  John: Yep  God: Do you love me John? John: Yes Lord  God: Feed my Sheep. John: But what about all the churches?  God: What about all the churches if you love me and keep my word close to your heart and have received my salvation and walk in my ways  then you belong to me no matter what church you belong to. John: But what about all these churches SOMEONE HAS TO BE RIGHT YES?  God: Well if I have told men and women to start different churches then it must be right? By the way ( I hope no one would start a church unless they asked me first  I mean no one would start a church because they fell out with someone or felt they knew more than someone or thought they were better than someone else or thought they were more important or spiritual now would they? ) By the way I saw you last Sunday morning when you were singing those worship songs your hand was held upwards in praise to me… are you sure you are Presbyterian?  John: Yes just got carried away.  God: John.  John: Yes God.



June 2, 2007 - Posted by | religion

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