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Christian TV

Christian TV

I have been watching some Christian TV lately and have to say that it leaves me a little confused, angry and well confused. This is not to say that there is not good Christian programming but…

I just wonder what God would say?

John: Hello God

God: What are you watching?

John: Christian TV.

God: Any good?

John: This programme is about Christian stuff mostly in America but they are raising money to build wells in
Africa people there have no running water.

God: That is good how much?

John: Well 15 dollars will give 3 people water for life, 30 dollars will give 20 people water for life and 1000 dollars will give a whole village running water for life plus you get a Crystal Statue.

God: A Crystal Statue what for?

John: To put on your Dresser so that you and your friends will know you gave money to give people in poor countries water.

God: I have 15 dollars you send it for me and get me a Crystal Statue…Thanks

John: Little problem…you have to send 1000 dollars to get the Crystal Statue

God Why?

John: Well I Suppose they are classed as better people because they give more they even call these givers by a different name special partners or something like that.  

God: Only have 15 dollars send it and get me the Crystal Statue

John: Don’t think it will work.

God: Still want the Crystal Statue

John: Why?

God: Thought I could bring it to a Car Boot sale I could get 15 dollars (pounds) for it and then I could send it off to that programme so that 3 more people in
Africa may have running water.

God: John

John: Yes God

God: There is a good passage in the Bible about giving come to think about it the Bible is full of good passages I especially like the one about the widow who gave all she had.

God: John

John: Yes God

God: Have you fed my Sheep today


June 3, 2007 - Posted by | religion

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