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The World Has Gone Mad!

I have just finished watching the TV News the World has gone mad! Is it just me or is everybody going around shooting and killing and is half the world starving. There is war everywhere in the world people are being killed in thousands HALF THE WORLD IS STARVING and it seems that nobody cares.This may be a stupid thought but how do we stop it? Has the world not suffered enough? Have we not worked it out yet nothing is solved by violence and war how do we get it through to these people STOP FIGHTING AND KILLING.What the World needs now is Peace a time for people to talk and work things out. It is time that the so called Superpowers sent Peace Makers and not weapons to these places (NO GUNS NO WAR) and started talking Peace. It is time that the wealthy nations started sharing with nations that have nothing. Are we so greedy that we do not care what happens elsewhere or do we think that we can not change anything?Here is a question ……..If we all said to our Governments no more war. If we all said to our Governments feed the World…if we all stood united against War and Poverty do you think it would make a difference?The first step is standing up and being counted followed by letters to your Government saying WE WANT PEACE AND LETS FEED THE WORLD remember it is hard for one person to be heard but it is hard not to hear thousands of people.Lets Feed the World Lets shout out about War Lets shout out about Poverty Lets change the World…..Together!


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