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I through I would write a little note about the village in N Ireland I was born and brought up in.

It is called Bessbrook a Quaker Village in Co Armagh and to me it is the best wee part of the world and I feel so privileged to have been a small part of it for over 50 Years I am proud to be called a Brook Boy.

Bessbrook was founded in 1845 as a model village with spacious streets and squares surrounding a large Linen Mill owned by the Quaker Richardson family.

At one time, Bessbrook Linen was among the finest in the world, and the Linen Mill provided most of the employment in the village to hundreds of people who lived in Bessbrook and Newry. I can still remember lying in bed and hearing the Mill Horn sound at 7am and then again at 7.15 am to awaken the workforce for other days work at the Mill. I can still hear the footsteps of the hundreds of workers marching past our house and the sound of talking and laughter as they made their way to work. Tenement houses were constructed by the Mill owners for the workers, many of which were of such good quality that they are still inhabited today. Each house also had an allotment garden for the growing of vegetables, and the area of the village where there were situated is still known as The Gardens although the allotments themselves have been replaced by further housing.

One of the many things I remember is that everybody knew everybody and it did not matter what religion you were. Bessbrook was made up of Quaker, Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic denominations each having their own place of worship and all respecting each others traditions.

Another point of interest is that NO PUBS OR CINEMA’S are allowed to be built or used in the village according to the Quaker Law drawn up before the village was built and as far as I know there is only one village in England that has the same law but I can not remember its name.

Bessbrook has a lot of Interesting history which I will write about in further Bloggs

Now that there is Peace in N Ireland what a tourist attraction Bessbrook could be and we need to approach the Council to make sure that money is spent in the Area to attract Tourists to such a unique place.

I will write and tell you some stories and put up some pictures soon


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