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Sorry again about this but just on the subject of Christian TV as I have said there is a lot of good work being done through it but as with everything in life things can get twisted and confusing for people and I believe as Christians we need to be very careful how we put across his message on TV especially as so many people across the world can gain access to it. They can hear Gods word maybe for the first time and have their lives changed by him. The world is needy and full of people seeking help with sometimes no hope left in their lives or full of sickness or in real poverty or lonely or old or with burdens they can not shake off . How do we portray Christian living to these people how do we tell these people that Jesus loves them and can help them and can give them a peace which passes all understanding that will change their lives and situations? What scares me most about Christian TV is when Preachers and Christians start thinking their church is something special or they or their programmes are better than someone else’s programmes or when they talk about Money. I would recommend looking at some Christian TV listen to what is said watch what is being portrayed think about what is being portrayed in front of your eyes. We buy Cars, Phones, Makeup, Clothes etc from TV adverts are you always satisfied with what you have bought through that advert and were the adverts true? Is big always better? Is it better to go to where everybody goes to follow the crowds to believe everything we see and hear?
Come to our church we do it the right way thousands of people come to our church we are on TV, look at the young people here we will send a bus for you to pick you up no problem.
Yes there is a problem what about the church you do not have to take a bus to the church not to far away struggling to survive not enough workers to do Gods work not enough money coming in to keep Gods house open. Believe it or not these churches are surrounded by house after house street after street of people young and old who are lost, afraid, sick lonely no hope left so if you are a Christian who takes the bus to the big church it might be a good idea once in a while to cancel the bus and pop down the road to your local church and say how can I help here you never know you might cancel the bus for good?
But: I just wonder what God would say?
John; I want to be rich live a long life and never be sick
God: We had this conversation before
John: Yes but I was watching you know what and am confused
God: You confused?
John: Well all these churches especially in America they seem so rich. All the pastors and Ministers are so well dressed very smart suits beautiful churches big jewels middle class congregation and they all talk about PROSPERITY. Be Saved and Prosper!
God: Star Trek
John: No that’s live long and prosper!
God: Like that programme
John: What do people from poor countries think when they watch that…I want that! I am poor have nothing! Look at how well they dress! They have money! Look at what they have! Look at their churches! No poor people there! I want that! how do you become a Christian?
We could very easily be giving these people the wrong impression and worse still they want Christianity for the wrong reasons. God have we the right to act like this?
Jesus died for us he walked among us he did not have fancy suits big churches he just loved the poor the needy the sick and the rich people but where do these notions come from? They preach that we should have as they say all Gods promises which include according to them lots of money! the problem is a lot of us have more than we need and do nothing with it!
God; Finished
John: Sort of…. I want to tell you about the pastor who wants his own Private Aeroplane………………..
God: John
John: Sorry God
God; There is a good verse in 1 Timothy 6……………….
( As for the rich in this present age, charge them not to be haughty, nor to set their hopes on the uncertainty of riches, but on God, who richly provides us with everything to enjoy.)
John: Good Verse
God: Are you sure you are feeding my Sheep John?


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  1. John,
    classic stuff. Keep it up. Especially the “conversations”.

    Comment by William | June 29, 2007

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