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I Do Not Like

I was thinking today of the many things I do not like so I thought I would write them down.

1 Walking down the main street when it is raining Why? because people have Umbrellas up and they seem to be charging towards you ready to stab anyone or anything that gets in their way. 

2 Opening Letters I hate opening letters and reading them I have always hated the post arriving.

3 Sales men trying to sell you something you do not want and they do not believe in.

4 People who think they are someone.

5 People who think that money impresses me.

6 People who are to lazy to put their litter in waste paper bins.

7 People who use swearwords why do they do that? can they not think of proper words instead of f*** I really hate cursing.

8 The way all young people today talk they all sound the same they have a whine and sound like robots.

9 “Have a nice day” Who invented that?

10 People with Mobile Phones growing out of their ears.

11 Chewing Gum Who invented that?

12 Big Brother What is that about? Do people really think they can become famous when they have no talent!

13 Text messages has anyone ever sent or received one that makes any sense? hope u r well ???????? what is that all about?

14 anti – aging cream Please spare me !!!

15 Purple Hair…Blue Rinse Why? 

16 People who Gossip…..Why?

17People who make lists of things they do not like.


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