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Yet again as we turn on our television stations we hear of the plight of the poor Burma people and their fight for freedom.

It is still hard for us to believe that in the year 2007 people still think they have the right to dictate and rule nations and how so few evil people can hold a country to ransom.

We may well ask who is to blame ? is it us for allowing our business sector to sell arms to them or are we to blame for not voicing our objections to our leaders and demanding action. It is time the nations of the world said and did something to end this terrible crime.

I can only say how brave those people of Burma are facing up to such a well armed violent Army ruled by dictators calling themselves the State Peace and Development Council. It is my desire to see the people of Burma free from these people, free to decide their own destiny and free to live their lives as they decide.

Let us hope that Burma is set free and let us do what we can to help them gain freedom.

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The Archbishop of York

Well said Dr John Sentamu,The Archbishop of York, 

He has made a direct appeal to Gordon Brown to intervene in the “humanitarian disaster” unfolding in Zimbabwe by imposing tough new sanctions.

He pointed to the current rate of inflation which stands at 8,000 per cent, empty supermarket shelves, and the “ravages of Aids … exacerbated by government indifference” as evidence that the scale of the present emergency was enough to justify intervention

The Archbishop said Britain needed to lead the way in securing targeted sanctions against “racist dictator” Mugabe, whose regime he equated to Idi Amin’s brutal leadership in his native Uganda.

We need action and we need action now………………Send an e-mail write a letter send a Fax to your MP Tell them we want action and we want it Now……………………The people of Zimbabwe need our help how much longer will this be allowed to go on……………..

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Another Week

Well it is the end of another week in my life so as I sit here staring at my computer what has happened this week well…

A man in my country N Ireland was killed by a gang of underage children who stabbed him in the head with a screwdriver while trying to steal his van.

Hundreds of people have been killed in Iraq by mindless people

A Bank in the UK has run out of money

There were a few hundred people who became millionaires

Papers are full of celebrities and what they eat or wear but not full of important things 

Stupid people with no talent want to be famous

There has been terrible flooding in parts of the world leaving people with nothing

The North West Passage has opened up because the Ice has melted..( Very Strange..Global Warming? )

Half the world is starving

Millions of people have no water to drink yes no Water to drink

His Excellency R.G. Mugabe The President what can I say it makes me sick to my stomach how can the Leaders of the so called Free World let this go on! Why are they not dealing with this man who is killing thousands of his own people What is wrong with us we need to act and act NOW!

Thousands of People are DYING OF CURABLE DISEASES

And on And on And on!

I hope you had a good week this week I mean that maybe next week it will be better maybe next week we will send a letter or an e-mail to people in power and tell them we want to see a difference we want things done we want to see a change we want to see people helped and maybe just maybe they might do something!

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Long live 12 inches make one foot

It has been a long time since I had anything good to say about the European Commission but today for once it made a good decision:

 The European Commission on Tuesday announced it had abandoned plans to ban the use of pints, pounds and miles in Britain and Ireland, in the face of overwhelming public opposition.

I say 12 inches make one foot… and 3 feet make 1 yard………

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A smack


Ever wonder what a load of jellyfish is called well the Collective noun is

A smack of jellyfish


A murder of crows


A Dule of doves


A mob of emus


A company of parrots


A leash of greyhounds

I really must get a job!

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