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Yet again as we turn on our television stations we hear of the plight of the poor Burma people and their fight for freedom.

It is still hard for us to believe that in the year 2007 people still think they have the right to dictate and rule nations and how so few evil people can hold a country to ransom.

We may well ask who is to blame ? is it us for allowing our business sector to sell arms to them or are we to blame for not voicing our objections to our leaders and demanding action. It is time the nations of the world said and did something to end this terrible crime.

I can only say how brave those people of Burma are facing up to such a well armed violent Army ruled by dictators calling themselves the State Peace and Development Council. It is my desire to see the people of Burma free from these people, free to decide their own destiny and free to live their lives as they decide.

Let us hope that Burma is set free and let us do what we can to help them gain freedom.

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