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40 monks and 70 other protesters were killed


Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was taken from her Rangoon home to a nearby government guesthouse today for a meeting with a newly-appointed junta liaison officer. Surprisingly no information about the meeting was given out. Meanwhile it has been reported that  up to 40 monks and 70 other protesters were killed in the Burmese junta’s violent crackdown on September’s pro-democracy demonstrations which was reported and written today by Edward Loxton for The First Post.

What do we do now let them away with it ?  We need to put more pressure on our Governments to see the removal of these evil men and democracy returned to Burma.


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Today I went Fishing

Today I went Fishing in a little spot called Loughgall Country Park in N Ireland.Even though I did not catch any fish the Wildlife was stunning.As I sat there rod in hand on the lake I saw 2 Great Crested Grebe dancing on the water.

Great crested grebe


I also saw perched 20 yards away a Grey Heron looking over the water waiting for it’s next meal what a wonderful sight. 

Grey Heron 


In the trees I saw Red squirrels scampering about without a care in the world how majestic they looked.

Red squirrels

red squirrel

And right at my feet there was a Field Mouse looking up at me with it’s big brown eyes Wonderful.

Field Mouse


So what if I did not catch any fish it was a pleasure just watching nature all around me…have put a note in my dairy sure to go fishing soon…..

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A Prominent Palestinian Christian found dead


This past Sunday,A prominent Palestinian Christian was found dead on a Gaza City street he was publicly beaten by Islamic gunmen who accused him of spreading Christianity. The body of Rami Khader Ayyad was found with visible signs of torture, including a gunshot wound in the head and numerous stab marks


Islamic leader Sheik Abu Saqer told the New York Sun on Thursday that there is “no need” for Christians in Gaza to maintain a large number of institutions in the territory and that Hamas “must work to impose an Islamic rule or it will lose the authority it has and the will of the people.


Is this the people who are telling us that they are hard done by the people that are crying help us.There are about 3,000 Christians living in Gaza among 1.5 million Muslims and relations between two communities have generally been good until now. If this is how Hamas is going to run its Government what is going to happen to the Christians who is going to protect them.

If Hamas wants the world to help them they need to smarten up and realize that all their people have the same rights and that the Christian people have every right to be there and to live in safety and peace.

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Well done Belfast N Ireland

The citizens of N Ireland have been showing solidarity with the people of strife-torn Burma today by holding a march in the center of Belfast protesting against the leadership and the savage beatings and killings that have been taking place.

At least 10 people were reported killed in the military response to demonstrations in Burma. Dissidents fear that the death toll is higher.

It is great to see my fellow country men and women taking part in a protest supporting Burma and I hope our leaders will take note and use whatever power they can to say to the State Peace and Development Council of Burma that they must listen to their people. There must be change and freedom for their people. People have the right to elect their own Government and a right to say how their country is ruled.

When you hear that one of the four key Generals daughters (General Shwe’s daughteThandar Shwer ) wedding was on state television and cost around 25 Million US Dollars which is 20/40 times more that was spent on health in Burma last year. It does not take much to conclude that something is VERY seriously wrong.

YouTube – Than Shwe’s daughter wedding

Where do these so called Generals have their money hidden? Why can the big powers in the World not find their money and freeze it? Do they not want to? do the big banks know and are saying nothing? Surely in this age of technology this money can be traced? The banks who have this money are as bad as the Generals themselves.Why oh Why do the people with power and knowledge do nothing? who is selling them the guns and bombs? who is training their army? who is keeping them in power? Can any Person or Country stand up and say this is right?

 Well done Belfast may there be many more protests until this terrible crime is put right.

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