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Well done Belfast N Ireland

The citizens of N Ireland have been showing solidarity with the people of strife-torn Burma today by holding a march in the center of Belfast protesting against the leadership and the savage beatings and killings that have been taking place.

At least 10 people were reported killed in the military response to demonstrations in Burma. Dissidents fear that the death toll is higher.

It is great to see my fellow country men and women taking part in a protest supporting Burma and I hope our leaders will take note and use whatever power they can to say to the State Peace and Development Council of Burma that they must listen to their people. There must be change and freedom for their people. People have the right to elect their own Government and a right to say how their country is ruled.

When you hear that one of the four key Generals daughters (General Shwe’s daughteThandar Shwer ) wedding was on state television and cost around 25 Million US Dollars which is 20/40 times more that was spent on health in Burma last year. It does not take much to conclude that something is VERY seriously wrong.

YouTube – Than Shwe’s daughter wedding

Where do these so called Generals have their money hidden? Why can the big powers in the World not find their money and freeze it? Do they not want to? do the big banks know and are saying nothing? Surely in this age of technology this money can be traced? The banks who have this money are as bad as the Generals themselves.Why oh Why do the people with power and knowledge do nothing? who is selling them the guns and bombs? who is training their army? who is keeping them in power? Can any Person or Country stand up and say this is right?

 Well done Belfast may there be many more protests until this terrible crime is put right.


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