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Whaling what are the Japanese at !!


This year, the Japanese Whaling Fleet over a six-month period will kill 1,000 whales as part of what it says is a scientific research programme. They will kill more than 900 minke whales and 50 fin whales. Meat from these kills will end up canned, in school dinners or on the menu in restaurants across Japan Why!!!!

  • Just what are the Japanese at and what rights have they to slay such beautiful animals and say it is in the name of science.
  • In today’s world we have the technology we need to find out about these beautiful creatures without harming them.
  • We can Tag them with microchips which can record a lot of Data.
  • We can observe them in their natural habitats.
  • So why do the Japanese have to kill them…here is what they say…..

Japanese official Mr Goodman said:

  • More than 100 measurements and samples are taken from each whale and there are some bits of information that you can only get from lethal research.”
  • For example, you need ovaries to determine pregnancy rates,this information can only be obtained by killing the animal you can’t get it by simply observing these animals.

There is something very wrong about this yet the Japanese will get away with it as usual. It is a sad moment in our history when we slay majestic animals in order to hold on to Folk Law and fill the rich man’s pockets.




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