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Prosperity Gospel


    It is good to hear a man of God Terry Quinn ( speaking out about this Prosperity Gospel. I have longed for someone to stand up and say this teaching is wrong. How much money is being wasted on building so called preachers new houses (Mansions) and boosting their rich lifestyle? How many self proclaimed Preachers, Pastors, Prophets Etc are there? And how much money do they make out of people who are desperate? So much money wasted when half the world is starving and needs our help especially from Christians. Jesus never said get saved and get rich but he did promise to provide everything we need which is a totally different thing!
God gave up his Son Jesus to die on a cross for the world so that people may come to know him and have a new life. It is sad that this Prosperity version of Christianity is going out to millions of People especially to people who are sick/starving/desperate/have no one to turn to/when they listen to it they must say to themselves I want that “get saved and Prosper” or “get saved and get healed” or “give money and God will work miracles“Plant a seed and get blessed”
As Christians we need to speak out especially on Christian TV
Terry has the talent and opportunity to speak for millions of Christians who believe that this version of Christianity is very very wrong.
We need to confront these people face on and challenge them.
So many people in our world are hurting/starving/sick/without hope/ yet we have the answer and that answer is free his name is Jesus.
We do not need to pay him or plant seeds we do not need to send for green handkerchiefs or manna bread or miracle water all we need to do is say we believe in him and want a new life where are sins are washed away and Jesus will do it free of charge.
PS He will also provide everything he knows we need  “Free of Charge”

I would love to hear what you think about this Prosperity Gospel


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  1. I think all money spent on ANY religion is not only wasted but ‘criminal’.

    Comment by alan | April 3, 2008

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