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Zimbabwe inflation is running about 165,000 %


Zimbabwe inflation is running about 165,000 percent. Opponents accuse Mugabe of ruining his country. Zimbabwe was once the envy of the region, now economic collapse and inflation of about 165,000 percent which have led to water, food and fuel shortages, as well as 80 percent unemployment.

So what is the world doing about it….as far as I can see Nothing!!

Here is an example:

In Mauritius, where the 14-nation Southern African Development Community (SADC) is holding a summit on poverty and development, a SADC official said the bloc was unlikely to make a statement on Zimbabwe, saying the meeting was not convened to discuss political issues

There is some hope if the opportunity was to arise:

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg told the summit of Nordic nations that they were ready to launch a “major stabilization and reconstruction package when democracy is fully restored and a credible national economic policy is in place.”

So what needs to happen now? Well this farce needs to end Robert Mugabe needs to be told he lost the election and the people do not want him anymore. He is a dangerous man who at present has to much power and is surrounded by a fully up to date well armed Army supplied by countries like China.

This re – counting of the votes is a joke and is summed up well by MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa who on Sunday alleged “criminality” in the vote-counting and accused President Robert Mugabe’s regime of “playing games with the people.”
“More than ever before, we are convinced that this regime is playing games with the people,” he told AFP and we have information that in some cases ballot boxes were not properly sealed. This is just a circus and we are not going to endorse such a flawed and criminal process,” he said.” The level of criminality has shown that ZEC is just an extension of ZANU-PF”.

If it was happening here in the UK would you stand for it? would the people of Europe stand by and say nothing?

Just because it is happening in Africa does not mean it is not as serious. Let us all do what we can to say what is happening in Zimbabwe is very wrong and let us urge people in power to be strong and to stand up for the thousands of people in Zimbabwe who at present have no hope.

Mugabe must go and go now along with his hence men.


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