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What a Surprise Mugabe


What a Surprise!

Robert Mugabe has won the discredited presidential run-off election in Zimbabwe, with counting showing he had an “unassailable lead”, according to the country’s electoral commission.

But in an act of defiance to Mr Mugabe’s thugs who threatened opposition supporters, more than 33,000 voters in one province cast their ballots for Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition leader who pulled out of the election last Sunday.

Mr Tsvangirai withdrew from the runoff because of violence against his Movement for Democratic Change party members and supporters, though his name remained on the ballot.

African and other world leaders have condemned the election. Brutal, state-sponsored violence left more than 80 dead and forced some 200,000 to flee their homes, human rights groups have said.

What now Mugabe are you going to tell us you won…no one believes only makes mockery of the African People

Please tell us what are you going to do now Mugabe?


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Well done the people of Zimbabwe

robert evil


President Robert Mugabe faces humiliation as hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans defied intimidation and refused to vote in his unopposed re-election.

Despite threats from Mr Mugabe’s thugs to beat those who refused to vote, many polling stations in the capital Harare had not seen a single ballot cast three hours after opening.

Let us stand behind these people and say well done.

and let us shout out loud:

Get out R Mugabe and take your hence men with you. you are a sad evil man.

  • The people of Zimbabwe do not want you in Power.
  • Your neighbours do not want you in Power.
  • The Word do not want you in Power.

Get out R Mugabe and get out now!


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Morgan Tsangiri



Morgan Tsangirai, the Zimbabwean opposition leader, left the sanctuary of the Dutch embassy to deliver an ultimatum to Robert Mugabe.

He said the “time for action is now” as he outlined demands to resolve the crisis in Zimbabwe.

Let us hope that this will work and that this evil man Robert Mugabe will be run out of power followed by his hence men


Morgan Tsangiri

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John Leslie



 Former Blue Peter presenter John Leslie has insisted that a new rape allegation against him is “totally untrue”.

He condemned “lies about my private life” and said: “I certainly did not attack this person as I have never attacked anyone.”

Once again John Leslie is accused of Rape and only the law can judge him.

Let us hope that he gets a fair trial and will not be judged by Media Stories.

If he is Guilty then he should be condemned as so, but if he is not Guilty and someone is out to try and make money out of it then it is not right.

There has been to much trial by media in our land lately they should back off and let the law in the UK decide.

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Have a good weekend:


Feeling old

What do you mean, my birth certificate expired?

Who Else But:

One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.” -George W. Bush


Always remember you’re unique, just like everyone else.

Finally do you own a computer?:

Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.

And Finally:

What is the difference between Windows 95 and Windows 98?

A: 3 years.

Have a Good Weekend:

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Robert Mugabe urged to cancel vote


Do you think this would work should an evil man called Robert Mugabe be allowed to stay in power when nobody except his hence men want him there.

Here is the story so far:

South Africa has called on Robert Mugabe to cancel next week’s presidential election and forge a unity government amid a campaign of violence that today claimed the lives of four more opposition activists.

Here is some of the stories coming out of Zimbabwe:

Four young activists linked to Mr Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change were found dead in Harare’s suburbs, the latest killings believed to have been carried out by thugs loyal to the ruling Zanu-PF party.

The MDC said that the four activists were abducted in the township of Chitungwiza and assaulted with iron bars, clubs and guns. Shots were fired, leaving cartridge cases where the bodies were found.

The killings, arrests and firebombing’s are widely seen as an attempt by Zanu-PF, under orders from Mr Mugabe, to cow opposition supporters into not voting next week.

Zimbabwe’s state broadcaster and its leading newspaper group said it would no longer carry MDC campaign advertisements.

The Zimbabwe Broadcast Corporation and Zimpapers were also banning all news reports about the opposition, which Mr Mugabe blames for inciting violence.

The body of the wife of Harare’s mayor has been discovered hours after she was abducted with her four-year-old son in the latest raid targeting Zimbabwe’s senior opposition figures.

Abigail Chiroto, 27, was kidnapped yesterday by armed men who then petrol bombed the house she shared with her husband, Emmanuel Chiroto, the recently elected mayor of Harare and a member of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change. The cause of death was not immediately revealed.

What a sad man an evil man how much longer will this man be allowed to stay in power where are the right thinking politicians the men in power the politicians in South Africa are they afraid to speak out? do they care? what about the rest of Zimbabwe’s neighbours do they think what is happening is right?

Come on all you people in Power do something do something right. Stand up and do something to get rid of this evil man. How many more people need to die before something is done to deal with this man?!!!

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Despite more Lies Help is needed Urgently in Burma


Despite more lies from the self claimed rulers of Burma more DREADFUL reports still come out of this country:

A month after Burma was devastated by a cyclone, foreign aid agencies say a quarter of a million people have still not received any help.

One young man from within the stricken Irrawaddy Delta region told him that the cyclone had killed 1,000 people in his village, yet there had been no assistance from either the military or aid organizations.

At the weekend, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates accused the Burmese regime of “criminal neglect“, saying that the initial delays could have cost tens of thousands of lives.

Returning from a visit to Burma, the UN’s food agency chief Josette Sheeran said: “What we need is a seamless global lifeline of relief supplies.”

How long will these evil men be allowed to rule over Burma?

If this was happening in the UK/USA/FRANCE/ITALY etc the free world would unite and force aid in as well as forcing the government out. Why does the free world not force aid in and FORCE THESE EVIL MEN OUT OF POWER?

What we need is the e-mail addresses and fax numbers of these evil men ( the so called Junta ) so that we can flood them with messages telling them what the world thinks of them……………………

Please help Burma in what ever way you can.


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