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Despite more Lies Help is needed Urgently in Burma


Despite more lies from the self claimed rulers of Burma more DREADFUL reports still come out of this country:

A month after Burma was devastated by a cyclone, foreign aid agencies say a quarter of a million people have still not received any help.

One young man from within the stricken Irrawaddy Delta region told him that the cyclone had killed 1,000 people in his village, yet there had been no assistance from either the military or aid organizations.

At the weekend, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates accused the Burmese regime of “criminal neglect“, saying that the initial delays could have cost tens of thousands of lives.

Returning from a visit to Burma, the UN’s food agency chief Josette Sheeran said: “What we need is a seamless global lifeline of relief supplies.”

How long will these evil men be allowed to rule over Burma?

If this was happening in the UK/USA/FRANCE/ITALY etc the free world would unite and force aid in as well as forcing the government out. Why does the free world not force aid in and FORCE THESE EVIL MEN OUT OF POWER?

What we need is the e-mail addresses and fax numbers of these evil men ( the so called Junta ) so that we can flood them with messages telling them what the world thinks of them……………………

Please help Burma in what ever way you can.



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