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Burma cash scam

The evil men are at it again!! the so called Junta!!


The United Nations has admitted that £5 million of aid intended for Burmese cyclone survivors has been skimmed off by banks run by the country’s military junta. The missing money is likely to have lined the pockets of the ruling generals and their business cronies.

Here is how they do it:

The scam, which is still occurring, involves forcing the UN to buy the local currency, the Kyat, at above the market rate by changing money through government backed Foreign Exchange Certificates (FEC).

A dollar currently buys around K1,100 while a “one dollar” FEC only buys K880.

Here is the defence from the UN:

In New York on Monday, Sir John Holmes, the under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs, said: “We were arguably a bit slow to recognise… how serious a problem this has become for us.” Urgent steps ARE being taken to address the problem, he said.


More Here


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Tell me what difference 2p makes Gordon Brown


Tell me what difference 2p makes when ordinary people can not buy Petrol/Oil/Gas even food!! Do something Gordon Brown.


Gordon Brown has defended a decision to postpone a 2p rise in fuel duty after David Cameron suggested it was timed to coincide with next week’s by-election.

The increase has been put off from October until at least next March.

In the Commons, the Tory leader asked if this had “anything to do with the Glasgow East by-election”.

But the prime minister said the move, coming just before MPs’ summer break and amid rising oil prices, would help people facing high food and fuel bills.

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What is going to happen with Zimbabwe?



Zimbabwe is dying and the evil man Mugabe sleeps.

Zimbabwe’s inflation rate is the highest in the world, officially at 7600%.

It is predicted to hit 100000% by the end of the year.

Many store owners take a “jail bags” with them to work in case of arrest because they are forced to sell goods below cost price.

There is widespread famine, 80% unemployment and dissolving public services.

People are Dying/Raped/Tortured.

South African president Thabo Mbeki, holds a policy of “Quiet diplomacy” indeed he is quiet about most things.

At the last elections South Africa sent a delegation of inspectors to ensure the democratic process. These delegates were said to have not left their hotel room, but managed to come to a conclusion that the elections were entirely corruption free….

Your bank deposits and insurance premiums may be indirectly responsible for the misery and starvation of our subjugated neighbours in Zimbabwe.The Observer reported on Sunday that 3 firms; Barclays Bank, Standard Charter Bank and Old mutual have funded the Mugabe regime more than 1 Billion Pounds.

    Here is one of Mugabe’s Friends:


    Gordon Brown said:

    “I do not think the veto by China and by Russia can be easily justified,” he said. “I do not think it can be easily defended, given what we know is happening in Zimbabwe.” He added: “We should not lessen the pressure on this regime. I believe we need to make a transition to democracy as soon as possible.”

    Why did China and Russia Veto the sanctions at the UN?

    Zimbabwe, Harare –Zimbabwe must be held accountable for election violence that drove the opposition to pull out of a presidential run-off, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in a statement. Rice said regional and world leaders must address the mounting violence.

    Is this just more empty words?

    So I ask again who is going to help Zimbabwe?

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