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Sam, the Donkey



                              AND THE WINNER IS!


A bunch of carrots has been awarded to the winner of a regional competition in a special beach ceremony in Kent.

Sam, a donkey who gives rides on Dymchurch beach, also received a trophy and rosette for the South East title of Best Individual Beach Donkey of 2008.

Sam was my favourite donkey all through the week Competition judge Jenifer Tucker said.


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Dog Saves Owner By Dialling 911


                                              Clever Dog

A dog whose owner was having a seizure saved his life by calling the emergency services and barking down the line to raise the alarm.

Joe Stalnaker adopted German shepherd Buddy as an eight-week-puppy and trained him to use the phone if he began to have an attack.

Police were sent to Mr Stalnaker’s home, and after about three minutes Buddy can be heard barking loudly when the officers arrived

Sergeant Mark Clark, of Scottsdale police, said Mr Stalnaker spent two days in a hospital and recovered from the seizure.

The most amazing thing is  Buddy has made two other 911 calls when Mr Stalnaker was having seizures.

There is a lot of truth in the saying a dog is a mans best friend.

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Poor Donkey



                                    Is the Law an Ass 

An Egyptian donkey has been jailed for stealing corn on the cob from a field belonging to an agricultural research institute in the Nile Delta.

The unnamed Donkey was found in possession of the institute’s corn and a local judge sentenced him to 24 hours in prison.

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Triplet joy for endangered Red Pandas


I have not blogged for a few months but I came across this story and thought I would share it. Red Pandas are endangered and it is good to hear that China is doing something about it.

The Story:

Conservationists in China are celebrating the birth of eight rare Red Panda cubs, including two sets of triplets.

Their population is estimated at fewer than 2,500 mature adults, and continues to decline as their natural forest habitat is cleared.

The Bad News:

In southwest China the Red Panda is hunted for its pelt and especially for its highly-valued bushy tail.

Their fur is often used for local cultural ceremonies, and in weddings the bridegroom traditionally carries the hide.

The Future:

Let us hope China will keep up the good work with Red Pandas both in their breading programme and in educating their people about the Red Pandas plight.

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