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Islamists stone ‘adulterous’ Somali woman to death


A Somali crowd gather at a public execution

Can we stand by and allow this to go on?

Who is going to stand up and say this is wrong very wrong? Where are the great nations of the World now? Will none from these Great Governments stand up and say you can not do this.

Hundreds of people gathered in a square in the Islamist-held port town of Kismayo to watch the execution, which had been ordered by a council of hardline elders.

The woman, named as Asha Ibrahim Dhuhulow, was buried up to her neck in the ground and stones hurled at her head until she died, according to witnesses.

During the stoning furious relatives surged forward to try to save the woman, prompting guards to open fire.

“Witnesses said “We were told she submitted herself to be punished, yet we could see her screaming as she was forcefully bound, legs and hands . A relative of hers ran towards her, but the Islamists opened fire and killed a child.”

This is the Year 2008 why oh why do we allow this to happen!


October 28, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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  1. the act was irreligious and un acceptable.

    its never fair some one be stoned with out proper witness

    the evil dowers must face the law.

    Comment by mohamed | October 29, 2008

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