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Police save ‘drunk idiot’


Police save ‘drunk idiot’ from jaws of crocodile

Australian police fired shots at a huge saltwater crocodile to prevent a drunken “idiot” from being eaten alive during an impromptu swim in the sea.

The intoxicated swimmer was moments away from being seized by the large saltie after jumping into the water for a bet.

People saw this large crocodile in the water nearby and saw this idiot swimming out towards the croc trap,” said local police commander Colin Smith.

“They called police who got there fairly quickly. It started off 20 metres from him, then closed in to 10 metres and started to pick up pace for the attack.”

As shocked onlookers tried to alert the man to the approaching croc, a police officer started shooting at the animal with his Glock pistol.

“The first one either hit the croc or put him off because it swam under the water,” said Commander Smith.

“But it was still headed in the man’s direction and this is when police fired more shots … to give him time to reach the shore. No one doubts the actions of police saved this fella.”

The drama took place opposite a recreation club off Groote Eylandt, an island in the Gulf of Carpentaria named by Dutch explorers, where in 2005 a British mine manager, Russell Harris, was killed by a 13ft-long crocodile.


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