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Gorillas get drunk on bamboo sap

Gorillas get drunk on bamboo sap.


Wildlife photographer Andy Rouse had a close encounter with a family of mountain gorillas – and discovered they were drunk.Gorillas eat bamboo all year and can tolerate a lot of it before getting intoxicated; usually they eat it with a handful of other greenery to water it down. Sometimes however they over-indulge, a habit they share with chimps and elephants.


The family were pictured in Virunga Mountains of Rwanda, Africa.


“I had heard they sometimes get like this, but I had never actually seen it. It was just like any family party when one or two members have a little bit too much to drink”


“We came across a young male blackback who was feeling very sorry for himself. When we reached him the poor thing was laying flat on the ground with chewed bamboo all around and looked at us through very dopey eyes…”


“When I went back the next day,” says Andy, “it was all very quiet, as if they were nursing gorilla-sized hangovers”


March 23, 2009 - Posted by | Animals, Entertainement, Funny, nature

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