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Pig hailed as a real-life ‘Babe’


A PIG has been hailed as a real-life Babe after learning to obey orders more usually barked out to sheepdogs.

The animal is said to have astounded visitors to the Barton Hill Animal Centre, near Kentchurch, Herefordshire, by clambering through tunnels, shaking hands by “giving his trotter” and performing a figure-of-eight on demand.

Called Sue after a mix-up saw him castrated, the pig is described by his owner, Wendy Scudamore, as being as intelligent as any dog.

“Sue has not done any sheepdog training, but he does a lot of things and I imagine he would be trainable as a sheepdog,” she said. “He certainly does a dog agility course without any trouble. He twists and turns in both directions, he gives his trotter and he does cones, the tunnel and ramps.

“Everybody is always amazed but personally I’m not because I have kept pigs for years and I know they really want to learn.”


March 25, 2009 - Posted by | Animals, Entertainement, Funny, nature

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