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Duke could be world’s tallest horse


Duke could be world’s tallest horse after growth spurt.

Britain’s tallest horse could now be the biggest in the world after a growth spurt saw him shoot up to nearly 6ft 8inches.

Owners say a diet of herbal tea and Granny Smith apples has triggered the two inch growth in just one year.

In May 2008 Duke, a the six-year-old shire horse, measured 6ft 6ins – or 19.3 hands tall.

At the time it made him smaller than Radar, a Canadian shire horse living in Texas.

But the sudden spurt means Duke is now leading the way after he was measured at just under 6ft 8ins tall – or 20.1 hands from the ground to the horse’s withers – the highest part of the back at the base of a horse’s neck.

He is now one of three horses fighting for the accolade of the tallest horse in the world.

Sara Ross, the owner of two-ton Duke said she was amazed at the horse’s continued growth.

“Duke has been unwell for the past six weeks or so, but is well on the road to recovery with the help of buckets of herbal tea and apples,” said Mrs Ross.

“We couldn’t believe it when we measured him and found he’s grown so much in the past year.”


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