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Cows that burp less methane to be bred

The Telegraph today reported that……………


A cow that burps less is being bred by Canadian scientists in an attempt to reduce the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

Cows are responsible for nearly three-quarters of total methane emissions, with most of the gases coming from burps which are 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

Stephen Moore, a professor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, is examining the genes responsible for methane produced from a cow’s four stomachs in order to breed more efficient, environmentally friendly cows.

Mr Moore, professor of agricultural, food and nutritional science, has recently published a study in the Journal of Animal Science having completed primary tests to breed animals that produce 25 per cent less methane.

However, more work needs to be done before the long-term impact is known.

He said: “We are working on producing diagnostic markers for efficient animals. We are looking at the next generation of technologies that will enable us to determine the genetics of an animal through a blood test or testing some hairs that you might pluck from the animal.”

Ways of having cows produce less methane is to grow them faster, thus lessening the period between them standing in a field and getting to market.

Mr Moore said cows could also be bred to better covert food into muscle, so producing less methane and waste.


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