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Guerrilla signs: 15 funny road and rail notices

From the

Guerrilla signs: 15 funny road and rail notices

Whether we use cars or public transport to get around, we are all bombarded with signs telling us what we must and must not do. Some people have decided to fight back.

1) Gatwick Express or drugged sloths? It’s a close call. Spotted in March this year and posted on the Going Underground blog.

2) Dozens of surreal and humorous road signs were attached to lamp posts around the French city of Lyon for an art festival in 2004. The project spread to other cities, and was reprised last year as part of Lyon’s unsuccessful bid to be named European Capital of Culture in 2013.

3) Hackers in the US figured out how to commandeer electronic road signs, leading to a spate of apocalyptic alert messages. Other versions included "RAPTORS AHEAD" and "NAZI ZOMBIES! RUN!!!".

4) A convincing spoof notice that will raise a smile from anyone who has travelled on the New York underground. Or the London Underground, for that matter. Spotted earlier this year and posted by Tumblr user heathalouise.

5) Posted on the side of a pedestrian crossing in New Haven, Connecticut by Ryan Laughlin, a blogger and web designer.

6) Optical illusion signs, which gave clear directions to drivers in particular lanes while appearing abstract and unreadable to other car users, were installed in the 92-floor Eureka Tower in Melbourne, Australia.

7) One of a series of fake stickers that appeared on Tube trains in 2004. Others included "No talking", "No eye contact" and "No busking". Via the Going Underground blog.

8) A selection of the guerrilla signs erected in Leeds by Final Frontier Design.

9) Class-conscious directions for people alighting at Piccadilly Circus Tube station. Part of a project by London-based artist Nils Norman, who specialises in finding ways to subvert urban life. Photo from the We love nice things blog.

10) Road signs warning of natural and curious phenomena – including fairies, "blobs", and the semicolon – appeared in Exeter in Summer 2000. Here the perpetrators explain the idea and describe the reaction of local people.

11) Positive parking signs from Reno City, Nevada. They were devised by viral marketing agency The Glenn Group, as an antidote to the gruff tone of most public signs.

12) Stills from a fun animation by Urban Chaos, an art group that specialises in imaginative road sign mash-ups.

13) A fitting home for one of the range of spoof stickers sold by "culture jamming" website

14) Canadian artist Lauren Marsden made knitted covers for every street she had ever lived on in Victoria, British Columbia.

15) Commuters using Oval Tube station in south London are treated to a thought of the day, courtesy of a playful member of staff. Pictures from Maggie Jones and Katy Lindeman on Flickr.


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The bravest mouse in Britain


The bravest mouse in Britain

A field mouse dubbed ‘the bravest mouse in Britain’ was able to fend off a cat from its natural habitat by standing up to it outside its nest.

Published: 7:00AM BST 30 Sep 2009 by the  

The bravest mouse in Britain

The field mouse scares off it’s predator. Photo: Geoff Robinson Photography

The field mouse made itself as big as possible to the cat after it ventured too near to its nest in Swavesey, Cambs.

Rather than run, the mouse squared up to its larger opponent and stood his ground. Eventually the cat got bored and turned away, before the mouse went back into its home.

"It was incredible, the little mouse stood up and seemed to be roaring at the cat," said Wendy Rothwell, 45, who spotted the encounter in her back garden.

"The cat was much bigger than him and could have killed him at any moment but he didn’t seem to care.

"He seemed to be prepared to do anything to protect his home. He must be the bravest field mouse in the country

The bravest mouse in Britain – Telegraph

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Pug pushes puppies in pram.

Another great story from the

Pug uses pushchair to walk puppies

Jenny the pug has taken puppy love to a whole new level, after taking to pushing toy dogs around in a pushchair.


JENNY THE PUG: Pug uses pushchair to walk puppies

Jenny needed no encouragement and quickly got the hang of it.

Jenny’s owner, Ellen Zessin, a children’s book artist from Portland, Oregon, US, explains: "Jenny loved the little stuffed pugs we got for her right from the beginning and was forever picking them up in her mouth and mothering them.

"We thought pugs were meant to be docile, yet Jenny was so full of love and energy."

Determined their dog should make the most of her boundless energy Ellen and husband Mark took Jenny to dog agility classes where she quickly excelled.

With the classes over, Jenny was determined to show her precious pugs they hadn’t been forgotten and kept putting her babies into an old pink toy pushchair.

"She looked so sweet an idea hit me," Ellen remembers.

"Jenny had been so good at dog agility maybe I could get her to push the stroller around."

Jenny needed no encouragement and quickly got the hang of it.

She showed such a knack for it that Ellen asked their vet if it was okay for Jenny to walk on her hind legs for a few seconds.

When he gave the thumbs up Ellen and Mark decided to let Jenny have some pushchair fun.

Early one morning they took Jenny down to walk the streets of Portland and filmed the experience for their son Steve who is away at university in Florida.

Ellen says: "We always send Steve a video letter every month of what me, Mark and Jenny have been up to, and we knew he’d love to see Jenny’s latest skills."

The family video ended up on the video-sharing website and overnight became an Internet sensation.

"We had so many lovely messages from people around the world – it was incredible," says Ellen.

Now the pug’s a star in her own right since she appeared on local TV news and accompanying poster billboards.

"Jenny’s a real celebrity," Ellen says. "But it’s her babies that come first."

Now Jenny’s next trick is learning to surf and unsurprisingly she’s mastered it with only one request – that her babies ride along next to her!

Pug pushes puppies in pram –

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‘Alien hand’ spotted on estate agent website: ET sell home? – Telegraph

Another other great story from

‘Alien hand’ spotted on estate agent website: ET sell home?

This photo spotted on estate agent’s website is exciting discussion on the web. Just who or what is opening the door?


The photo was one of several posted on an estate agent's website

The photo was one of several posted on an estate agent’s website Photo: OIKOTIE.FI

The image was one of several posted online to advertise a vacant one-bedroom apartment in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

But it is now circulating around the internet after an eagle-eyed flat hunter noticed the mystery figure opening the door on the far left of the picture.

From where the photo was taken it appears that the rubbery, pink hand reaching for the knob has only three fingers.

The mystery has sparked a number of theories, with some people suggesting that aliens may have moved to Scandinavia.

Others have insisted that the claw-like appendage must belong to a giant chicken, while a few people have just used the opportunity to make cheap jokes at the expense of estate agents.

"Don’t make fun of that realtor’s manicure," wrote one commenter on, the property advert oddity blog where the image was posted. "It’s a rough economy and her hands reflect that sad reality."

Readers of the popular technology and web culture blog Boing Boing fed the rumour mill, suggesting that the hand may belong to one of the members of Lordi, the Finnish heavy metal band that won the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest.

Another commenter summed up the mystery with a pun: "ET sell home.

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Tortoise crosses M25

 The reported today that:

A tortoise nicknamed Freeway crossed five lanes of London’s M25 motorway and survived.


Freeway, a Hermann's Tortoise, was found wandering in the fast lane of the M25

Freeway, a Hermann’s Tortoise, was found wandering in the fast lane of the M25 Photo: Eddie Mitchell

Driver John Formby spotted Freeway and pulled over to rescue him.

Mr Formby, from Worthing, said: "I saw this bundle in the road and thought it was a bit of debris. I went to swerve it but noticed it was moving – then saw it had a head.

"I couldn’t believe it was a tortoise crossing the motorway, through traffic travelling at 70mph.

"I pulled over and ran 400 yards back up the road to get it.

"I was holding my breath as it came from the central reservation towards the hard shoulder.

"Three vehicles went right over the top of it but somehow missed it. It didn’t even pop back into its shell, just kept on walking as if it knew it had to get to the other side."

He ran out and picked him Freway in the slow lane, stopped off to buy him lunch of lettuce and tomato, before driving him to an animal centre near his home, where vets found he had been microchipped – in America.

Billy Elliot, of the Worthing and District Animal Sanctuary, said: "That explained why he was on the wrong side of the road.

"We have named him Freeway for now, the American word for motorway."

Freeway was found on the junction of the M25 and M23, miles from the nearest house.

Mr Elliott said: "People always think of tortoises as slow, but turn your back on them and they can disappear before you know it. About this time of year he might have been off looking for a mate.

"It’s a miracle he survived. He could have been on the road for a long time before he was picked up. It was the busiest time of the day on one of the busiest roads in the country. He couldn’t have picked a worse place to go for a stroll."

Freeway, a Hermann’s tortoise, thought to be about 10 years old, is being cared for by vets for the weekend while Mr Elliott tries to trace his owners.

He said: "Freeway is in very good health and well cared for. He has obviously been brought over from America as a pet so there must be a family out there missing him. He is likely to live another 50 or 60 years. We would love to find the family.

"Whenever we get an exotic pet handed over we get dozens of calls from people claiming it is theirs so it’s great he is chipped.

"It just shows how important it is to keep your details up to date on your pet’s chip database when you move house or change your phone number."

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Weird animals from around the world

This is an article from the today:

Weird animals from around the world

A snake with a single clawed foot has been found in China. Here’s a look at some other weird animals from around the world.


Noel Daniels of Wellington discovered this one month old two-headed South African Tortoise in the Western Cape in 2003. According to tortoise expert Dr Ernst Baard of the Cape Nature Conservation, two-headed tortoises are extremly rare and might be the product of a genetic deviation during the development of the embryo.

This two-headed ‘Macroprotodon Cucullatus’ snake was found by some workers in a hotel garden on the Mediterrannean island of Mallorca in 2002. This kind of snake reaches a length of 60-70 centimetres and its bite is not lethal for human beings.

This two-headed baby crocodile was born at Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm on the outskirt of Bangkok in June 2001. The crocodile, which shares the bottom part of the body, has eight legs and two tails. It is measured at 6.69-inches long and weighs at 0.15 lbs.

This rare 9.4 inch-long, two-headed Terrapin, an amphibious reptile with a semi-hard shell, was displayed at Thailand’s government Fisheries Department in 2000 to educate people on the varieties and importance of marine life in Thailand. Terrapins, peculiar to Asia, are farmed in Thailand and then exported to Taiwan and China for human consumption in a soup which is claimed to keep the consumer warm.

Reflections, the two-headed calf, was born at Garry Slife’s farm in Independence, Iowa in 1998. It took about an hour to deliver the calf by Caesarean section.

Rudy, the two-headed pig, was born in the farm of Scott and Vicki Vorwald in Iowa in 1997. Weighing nearly 150 lbs, he was sold to the Los Angeles-based animal rescue organization ‘Pigs Without Partners’. Most two-headed pigs are stillborn or die shortly after birth.

Staff at Blackpool Sea Life Centre dubbed this six legged octopus ‘Hexapus’. Marine experts believe the missing limbs are the result of a birth defect rather than an accident. Named ‘Henry’, he was found in a lobster pot somewhere off the north Wales coast, and was one of eight lesser octopuses that Sea Life staff picked up from the Anglesey Sea Zoo.

Stumpy, a four-legged duck who hatched at Warrawee Duck Farm in Copythorne, Hampshire in April 2007, made television appearances and photoshoots after thriving and growing to full size, despite his deformity.

This six-legged cow was born in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. The beast, named Cham Leck which means ‘strange’, was given to monks at a local pagoda by a farmer who feared the cow would bring him bad fortune.

Spike, the Hickory Horned Devil caterpillar, was found by Logan Darland, 9, in the front yard of his house in July 2004 in Kentucky. The caterpillar is the larva of the Royal Walnut Moth, also known as the Regal Moth.

Weird animals from around the world – Telegraph

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Germans angry as tins of Heinz ‘have fewer baked beans’


Germans angry as tins of Heinz ‘have fewer baked beans’

Fans of baked beans in Germany and Austria were furious yesterday after it emerged that tins of Heinz contained fewer beans than cans sold in Britain.

By Fiona Govan
Published: 4:27PM BST 16 Sep 2009

European fans of the product, which for decades has been sold with the slogan "Beanz Meanz Heinz", were outraged after the British variety was declared superior to its European counterpart.

Tins in Germany and Austria were also found to have a more watery and less tasty sauce than the British equivalen

An Austrian newspaper conducted a comparative study of the British beans with those sold locally after receiving complaints from its readers following the launch earlier this year of Heinz Gebackene Bohnen, a version of the British original destined for the German speaking world.

"The readers were correct," said David Rogers, editor of the Austrian Times. "We did a poll which found that many people felt the German Heinz baked beans were substandard and when we tested them we had to agree."

The English language newspaper based in Vienna asked 20 fans of the Heinz product to carry out a taste test. "Our testers reported that the German baked beans were a pale copy of the original."

Susana Vega, a British student in Vienna who took part in the study, said: "If you shake the tins the contents of the German tin sloshes around which it doesn’t with the British tin.

"The sauce when you pour it out is a lot more watery and it’s a much paler, watery looking colour than the thick tomato colour of the British beans."

Labelling on the British Heinz tin states it is more than half full with beans – while the German version contains less than half.

British beans also have five per cent more tomato in their sauce than the German product, which contains more water, sugar and salt instead.

Heinz Joseph from Germany said he was disappointed with the new product. "I was a student in London and bought them because they had the same name as me and I really grew to love them."

"I was delighted when they went on sale in Germany but then I realised they just don’t taste the same. I think it’s very unfair to German bean lovers."

Germans angry as tins of Heinz ‘have fewer baked beans’ – Telegraph

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Pet-owners encouraged to buy earthquake kits for cats and dogs.


Pet-owners encouraged to buy earthquake kits for cats and dogs

It’s the latest thing for the paranoid pet owner: an earthquake survival kit for cats and dogs.


Hainan Jacket: Pet-owners encouraged to buy earthquake kits for cats and dogs

Hainan Jacket: The kit contains a padded jacket and rain hat, special boots to protect paws, and aromatherapy oil to soothe stressed out cats and dogs. Photo: BARCROFT

Hainan Jacket: Pet-owners encouraged to buy earthquake kits for cats and dogs

Hainan Jacket: The kit contains a padded jacket and rain hat, special boots to protect paws, and aromatherapy oil to soothe stressed out cats and dogs. Photo: BARCROFT

Hainan Jacket: Pet-owners encouraged to buy earthquake kits for cats and dogs

Hainan Jacket: The kit contains a padded jacket and rain hat, special boots to protect paws, and aromatherapy oil to soothe stressed out cats and dogs. Photo: BARCROFT

Animal lovers living in earthquake-prone regions can now buy special kits to ensure the survival of their most cherished pets should the earth begin the tremble.

Manufacturers Oyagokoro, from Japan, have released three types of earthquake packs for dogs and cats of different sizes.

In the case of an emergency, pet-owners can relax. The kit contains a padded jacket and rain hat, special boots to protect paws, and aromatherapy oil to soothe stressed out cats and dogs.

Also included in the pack – which doubles as a carry case for smaller pets – is a waterproof ID capsule with the animal’s details and a bell should they become lost in rubble.

Food, water and bowls for feeding and a muzzle to prevent spooked pets from biting rescuers also feature.

Laurel Stavros, 29, from Hawaii, USA, is Vice President of Rinkya Inc, which distributes the kits worldwide.

She said: "Although it may seem odd to have a special kit for your pet, most are part of our families, so really this kit makes sense in that it helps to protect your precious dog or cat.

"Japan is certainly known for their love of pets, with many choosing to get a pet over having children.

"They dress them up in expensive clothes and push them around in prams. In 2006, dogs outnumbered children age 10 and under in Japan."

The product comes in Ultimate, Basic and Life styles and range from £100 to £400. Owners are encouraged to keep an item of worn personal clothing in a section to let panicky animals smell it and be calmed as buildings collapse around them.

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Frank Milford, half of Britain’s longest married couple, has died aged 101.

 Lucy Cockcroft from the reported today that:
Frank Milford, half of Britain’s longest married couple, has died aged 101.

Frank Milford, one half of Britain’s longest married living couple, has died in the residential home where he lived with his wife of 81 years.


Frank and Anita Milford, who had been married for 81 years

Frank and Anita Milford, who had been married for 81 years

Mr Milford met his wife Anita, both 101, at a YMCA dance in Plymouth, Devon, in 1926 and they married two years later.

The couple said the secret of their marriage was "give and take", always making up after rows and never going to bed without a kiss and cuddle.

Mr Milford’s 76-year-old son, also called Frank, said his mother was holding his father’s hand when he died.

He said: "She’s very upset obviously, but she was sitting holding his hand when he passed away.

"For the past three weeks or so he hasn’t been eating or drinking and I think we all realised he was ready to die.

"He knew it was his time and I think he simply died of old age

The younger Mr Milford said his father had remained "as sharp as a tack" despite his frailty and never lost his sense of humour.

The Milfords spent their entire married life in Plymouth and stayed in the city throughout World War II.

During the Blitz they narrowly escaped two bombs, including one which fell on their house.

The devoted couple had two children, five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

In February 2010 the couple would have broken the record to become the oldest married couple in Britain.

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