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Albino magpie:


Albino magpie: photograph

A rare albino magpie has been spotted flying around the grounds of Dover Castle in Kent.

By Nick Collins

The albino magpie spotted by Brian Hopper in woods near Dover Castle in Kent

The albino magpie spotted by Brian Hopper in woods near Dover Castle in Kent Photo: BNPS

Solitary magpies are supposed to bring bad luck, but birdspotters have not been put off flocking to see the rare albino specemin.

The odd-looking bird had been spotted in the grounds of Dover Castle in Kent and being fed by its parents, which both have the more common black and white colouring of magpies.

But although its bright white plumage might make it an easy target for predators, magpies are well known for holding their own and experts say this bird’s albino colouring will not be a disadvantage.

The photographs were taken by amateur photographer Brian Hopper who waited two weeks before getting a clean shot of the bird.

Mr Hopper, 46, from Dover, said: "I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it, it stood out like a sore thumb but was very shy because it returned to the tree canopy and I didn’t see it again.

"Over the next two weeks I kept going back time and again and I got the odd glimpse of it but not enough to take pictures. Then it broke cover with its parents.

"He looked perfectly healthy and chipper and was full of noise. I’m not sure if he couldn’t see properly because he was a bit clumsy at landing."

Graham Madge, spokesman for the RSPB, said there is no reason why the magpie couldn’t live a normal life although he was not sure if it would be shunned by others.

He said: "It is a very unusual condition. It’s hard to tell if this bird is an albino or if it is suffering from an acute case of leucism, which reduces an animal’s skin pigmentation.

"This bird is just as likely to do as well as any other magpie, although it would be interesting to see if it shunned by other magpies because of its colour.

"Magpies are very social and conspicous birds so it shouldn’t matter if this one sticks out a bit more than the rest.



October 15, 2009 - Posted by | Animals, Entertainement, Weird

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