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Stowaway cat Pharaoh survives two-week voyage to Britain from Egypt


Stowaway cat Pharaoh survives two-week voyage to Britain from Egypt

Pharoah the cat has survived after stowing away in a container on a merchant ship that arrived at the British port of Felixstowe after a 3,000 mile journey from Egypt.

Pharoah the cat has survived after stowing away in a container on a merchant ship that arrived at the British port of Felixstowe after a 3,000 mile journey from Egypt.

Pharaoh: Pharoah the cat has been put into quarantine in Stanway, Colchesters Par Air Quarantine Cattery after it was found in a container at the docks in Ipswich Photo: ARCHANT

The hungry animal was found in a container after two weeks on board the MV Maersk Batam which travelled from the Port Said in Egypt to the Suffolk port.

John Biscoe, of GMA Freight, said: "We opened this container that had just arrived from Egypt to ensure that it was all in order and I was with the forklift operator and became aware there was something in there.

"It was a container with wire coils and I said there was a cat in there.

"The other chap wondered if it was a lion or something but then this little thing jumped out and started rubbing around my legs."

Two RSPCA officers collected Pharaoh and he is now being looked after a quarantine cattery near Colchester, Essex.

"He was very scrawny and we gave him a bowl of water and one of my colleagues gave him his sandwich ~ he ate the meat very quickly," said Mr Biscoe.

"He must have been someone’s pet in Egypt – he was very happy to see us."

Pharaoh will be kept at the cattery for five and a half months because of rabies quarantine regulations.

A Suffolk County Council spokeswoman said it had been "touch and go" for the cat when it was found two weeks ago.

She said: "He was not in a very good state and at first it was thought he might not survive.

"He has been taken to a quarantine centre at Colchester, checked for rabies and other problems, fed and been looked after and now looks much better.

"Pharaoh will have to stay in quarantine and then it will be re-homed here."



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I am a BZZAgent


I am a BzzAgent and finally the day arrived when the box containing Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste arrived. I had been talking about how I was a BzzAgent to my family (Wife,Mum,Sister,Brother and Mother in Law) and how I was going to receive Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief to try so when the box arrived I phoned them to come round and pick up a tube each. On previous occasions we had been talking about sensitive teeth and the problem the family had with it so everybody was very keen to try Colgate Pro-Relief.

I asked them had any one heard of Colgate Pro-Relief but they all said they did not know that Colgate made sensitive teeth toothpaste. We agreed to meet in 4 days time to report our findings. Well I did not have to wait the full 4 days until I had my first report from my sister she was amazed her actual words were ” It was the first time in many years that I was able to drink a cold well known fizzy drink without pain” I asked her did she think it would have worked so quickly and she said she was surprised it did. I asked her how many times she used Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief per day and she said twice a day and had really noticed a difference.

My sister is a nurse and said she was going to tell her Ward Sister about Colgate Sensitive as she suffers badly with sensitive teeth. I will report back shortly about myself and the rest of my family when we meet on Sunday and how we found Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. I have a funny feeling the reports are going to be good!

Will let you all know how the rest of the family got on in a later report but I have to write a second Bzz report first!

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Best websites:


Best websites: Fun

From time-wasting tips to laugh-out-loud funnies through puzzles, the best websites to make you smile and train your brain.


Michael Jackson; best websites for fun

The memory of Michael Jackson is safe forever thanks to the thousands of people who’ve contributed to the hypnotic Photo: REUTERS

1. If you’ve ever lived with a food hoarder or neat freak you’ll appreciate the strained tones of the messages on Passive-Aggressive Notes (

2. Smartkit ( is home to all sorts of puzzles (jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, cryptograms) to help you train your brain.

3. Letters of Note ( is a stylish site with scans of letters, telegrams, faxes and memos: Einstein encouraging Roosevelt to pursue atomic research, the Museum of Modern Art turning down a gift from Andy Warhol in 1956.

4. OMGPOP ( is full of time-wasting games like Tetris-a-like Blockles, and Pictionary clone Draw My Thing. Requires Adobe Flash Player 10.

5. IAmA ( is a place where people invite others to ask them questions based on something they reveal about themselves, be it ‘I am an expert cabinetmaker’ or ‘I attended a taping of The Price is Right’.

6. Low Culture ( is the premier site for dissections of the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show or passionate defences of the eighth season of Spooks.

7. Ffffound ( is one of those nebulous sites – a design/photography ‘image bookmarker’ – that shows you pretty pictures of lovely things.

8. The memory of Michael Jackson is safe forever thanks to the thousands of people who’ve contributed to the hypnotic Eternal Moonwalk (

9. The now legendary FAIL Blog ( lowlights humanity in all its dumb idiocy, from placard typos to wedding day slapstick.

10. spEak You’re bRanes ( brings together the best – or rather, worst – user comments from news websites.

11. The Daily Mash ( is a brilliantly satirical news site. Typical headline: ‘BNP Question Time to replace Christmas for Guardian readers.’

12. You Can’t Please Everyone, part of the Cynical-C blog (, is a collection of one-star Amazon reviews of classic films, books and albums.

Best websites: Fun – Telegraph

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Snake pictured slithering across car windscreen


Snake pictured slithering across car windscreen

This is the moment two engineers were left seriously rattled when a giant snake slithered across their car windscreen.


Snake pictured slithering across car windscreen

The 4ft albino snake slithering across car windscreen Photo: SWNS

James Denton and Morne Aspeling were driving back to their office when the 4ft giant albino snake emerged from the under the bonnet.

James and Morne, both telecom engineers, pulled over and jumped out of the van and called for help. The snake was safely removed from the van and taken to an animal shelter to be cared for in a special reptile-friendly tank.

Mr Denton believes the snake is an escaped pet which crawled under their bonnet to find warmth – but moved when they started the engine.

He said: "As I looked back across the dashboard I saw the head of a snake poking up from the bonnet.

"Needless to say, it was quite a shock and it took me a moment to realise it was real. "When its tongue flicked out and it moved again, we both made a pretty sharp exit from the van."

The workers, both based in Jersey, were rescued by officials at the Jersey Animal Shelter.

Ambulance driver Jonathan Hudson said the animal is either a non venomous corn or milk snake.

He said: "It’s not everyday that we get a call to come and collect a live snake from a telecommunications van, so I was curious to see what had been found.

"When I got there the snake was much bigger than I expected at a little under four feet long. I knew right away that it wasn’t an indigenous snake so had to be an escapee pet.

"From its markings we think that it is a corn snake or milk snake, both of which are non-venomous, and one of the albino varieties.

"Snakes don’t do well in the cold, so my guess is that it was attracted by the warmth of the engine and crawled in there for shelter.

"This is a mature snake that has been a pet for some time and has only recently escaped. We are very keen to see it re-united with its owner."

Snake pictured slithering across car windscreen – Telegraph

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Bald baby hedgehog abandoned by mother


Bald baby hedgehog abandoned by mother

A bald baby hedgehog is being nursed back to full prickliness after being abandoned by its mother when it was born with almost no spikes.


Baldrick the hedgehog

Baldrick the hedgehog Photo: IMAGES INTERNATIONAL

The four-month-old creature, named Baldrick, was bald apart from a few prickles when he was found in a garden in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

He is now being looked after by John and Tonia Garner at Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue.

Mr Garner, 50, who is a signaller for Network Rail, said Baldrick, who was named after Blackadder’s unlucky sidekick, is very unusual.

"He’s a bit of a rarity," he said. "We’ve had 45 hedgehogs altogether, but he’s the first one without any spikes."

Hedgehogs’ wrinkly bodies normally have around 500 spikes, which protect them from predators and the elements and keep them warm. Until he grows spikes, Mr Garner said releasing Baldrick would be "pointless".

Mr Garner added: "There’s no way he would survive if he was released now. It would be like releasing a polar bear which has just been shorn like a sheep into the North Pole."

Each day, the Garners clean Baldrick using antiseptic scrub and massage baby oil into his body to soften up his skin. They hope making his skin softer will allow spikes to come through.

Mr Garner said Baldrick, one of 22 hedgehogs currently being looked after by him and his wife, was a bit of a character.

"Baldrick loves mealworms," he said. "As a treat, he gets more than his fair share and would jump through a hoop for one. You go into his room and he will go up to the edge of the cage and put his paw up. He’s not satisfied until he gets a few mealworms. He’s quite a character."

He believes Baldrick was abandoned by his mother when he was just weeks old.

He said: "I think the mother suspected he would not survive and they’re quite ruthless in the wild. If one of the babies is not keeping up it will be abandoned.

"Luckily, Baldrick was found, otherwise he would have been dead a long time ago."

When the hedgehog was brought to Foxy Lodge at the age of about six weeks he weighed 240g, but is now up to about 800g.

The animal sanctuary was only started up by Mr and Mrs Garner in May and has had just under 180 animals through its doors, including a lamb, bats, seagulls, barn owls and a kestrel.

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Great white shark grins for camera close-up


Great white shark grins for camera close-up

A diver has captured a photograph of a great white shark approaching his camera with a toothy grin like that of Bruce, the terror of the 2003 film Finding Nemo.

Amos Nachoum's image that captures the smile of a 14ft great white shark

Amos Nachoum’s image that captures the smile of a 14ft great white shark Photo: BARCROFT

The great white image was captured by Amos Nachoum, an underwater expert who guides courageous scuba divers to encounters with the large creatures.

Mr Nachoum photographed this 14ft-long predator from just a few feet away in the waters off the coastal Mexican resort of Guadalupe.

The image strongly resembles the toothsome snarl of Bruce, played by Barry Humphries, as he faced Nemo, played by Alexander Gould.

Despite the proximity of a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth, Mr Nachoum insisted he was not in danger.

He said: "I have a 100 per cent safety record. These sharks aren’t the ferocious creatures we see in Jaws. The danger is in your mind."

Finding Nemo was a film about a young clownfish called Nemo, who is stolen from his coral reef home, forcing his timid father to travel to Australia and search Sydney Harbour to find his son.

By Andy Bloxham

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Weird moth looks like a Gremlin


Weird moth looks like a Gremlin

A Merseyside photographer found the strange creature perched on a log in his garden.

By Harriet Alexander

Weird moth looks like a Gremlin

The Pale Tussock moth is actually quite common in England and Wales. The animal, which has a wing span of 40-60mm, is known for being hairy. Photo: SOLENT

Austin Thomas, 42, was taken aback to find the bizarre creature sitting by his garden pond.

Mr Thomas, from St Helens, said: "I often wander into my back garden with a cup of tea before breakfast to see if my pond has attracted any wildlife overnight.

"I spotted a moth sitting on a log and thought it would make a nice picture if I got my macro lens and zoomed right in on it."

Mr Thomas said that the animal looked like one of the mischievous creatures from the 1984 comedy Gremlins.

In the cult-classic comedy, which was executive produced by Steven Spielberg, the little creatures wreak havoc in a small American town.

"The moth started to wake up as I moved the log from a wind-sheltered spot into better light," Mr Thomas explained.

"It was then I noticed its unusual antennae, hairy body and the remarkable likeness to something out of the film Gremlins. I was amazed."

The Pale Tussock moth is actually quite common in England and Wales. The animal, which has a wing span of 40-60mm, is known for being hairy. The caterpillars feed on shrubs and trees before growing into moths.


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