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I am a BzzAgent and finally the day arrived when the box containing Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste arrived. I had been talking about how I was a BzzAgent to my family (Wife,Mum,Sister,Brother and Mother in Law) and how I was going to receive Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief to try so when the box arrived I phoned them to come round and pick up a tube each. On previous occasions we had been talking about sensitive teeth and the problem the family had with it so everybody was very keen to try Colgate Pro-Relief.

I asked them had any one heard of Colgate Pro-Relief but they all said they did not know that Colgate made sensitive teeth toothpaste. We agreed to meet in 4 days time to report our findings. Well I did not have to wait the full 4 days until I had my first report from my sister she was amazed her actual words were ” It was the first time in many years that I was able to drink a cold well known fizzy drink without pain” I asked her did she think it would have worked so quickly and she said she was surprised it did. I asked her how many times she used Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief per day and she said twice a day and had really noticed a difference.

My sister is a nurse and said she was going to tell her Ward Sister about Colgate Sensitive as she suffers badly with sensitive teeth. I will report back shortly about myself and the rest of my family when we meet on Sunday and how we found Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. I have a funny feeling the reports are going to be good!

Will let you all know how the rest of the family got on in a later report but I have to write a second Bzz report first!


November 16, 2009 - Posted by | Entertainement, nature, People

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