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Brown bears in spectacular wrestling duel


Brown bears in spectacular wrestling duel

Two brown bears have been pictured fighting in front of a snow-topped mountain range in Alaska.


Brown bears in spectacular wrestling duel

The duel was photographed by Scott Cromwell during a bear spotting trip to Hallow Bay, part of the Katmai National Park, in Alaska.

Brown bears in spectacular wrestling duel in Alaska


Despite one of the bears holding a definite weight advantage, the giant animals grappled and exchanged blows.

But after 15 minutes of combat they seemed happy to call it a draw and went hunting for salmon in a nearby river.

The duel was captured by amateur photographer Scott Cromwell during a bear-spotting trip.

He flew for six hours from Homer, Alaska, to Hallo Bay, which is part of the Katmai National Park, also in Alaska, to see the animals.

Cromwell, 38, said: "The guide and pilot flew us over a known area and we spotted a few bears so we landed on the beach a few hundred yards away from them.

"We walked up to about 250ft from them and stood and watched from a dry part of the river bed.

"They instantly quit fishing for salmon in the river and ran out in the open in between us and the mountains.

"The smaller bear came out into the open first but then the bigger one galloped after it making a lot of noise.

"They circled around the whole large area a couple of times and then started wrestling right in front of us – we were no more than 100ft away.

"I couldn’t believe what was happening – we had only just got off the plane and this all seemed to have happened instantly."

TV repairman Scott said the bears battled for 15 minutes before getting bored or hungry and returning to hunting for salmon.

He added: "I was leaning over the whole time while shooting, trying to get as close to the ground as possible without including any grass in the foreground.

"It truly was the most enjoyable 15 minutes of my life. In fact the whole trip was the best six hours of my life.

"Seeing bears this close really is incredible."

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