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Shell V-Plus Diesel

I am A Bzz Agent and test products for them here is more about my latest trials with Shell V-Pluss diesel.


My close friends Bob and Richard came round last night for a chat and to report back to me about using Shell V-Power diesel in their cars. Richard wanted to see the new Bzz site so we spent some time looking at it as I explained what a Bzz Agent was. I asked Bob how he had found Shell V-Power diesel and had he noticed any difference in the Performance of his car he said he had and explained that the car was running smoothly and was less noisy.He said that the car had more power and was not as sluggish as it had been.I asked him how many fills he had used and he said three and was planning to fill again soon.When I asked him did he plan to keep on using Shell V-Power diesel he said yes. Richard was just as keen about Shell V-Power diesel and said that he too had noticed that the car had more power and certainly ran better.I asked him about the noise level of his car he told me that it had reduced a lot and that was a great bonus for him.It has reduced so much that even his wife noticed it! I asked him for a score out of 10 he said 9 and he agreed with Bob that he too would keep on using it. So what can I say they certainly were 2 happy people and more than pleased with Shell V-Power Diesel.


February 13, 2010 - Posted by | Entertainement, People

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