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Shell V-Power

I am a Bzz Agent and test products for them here is a little about my latest test on Shell V-Power Diesel hope you enjoy:

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I received the £20.00 voucher for Shell V-Power and Shell V-Power Diesel, plus the £2.00 shell fuel vouchers and I had no problem purchasing Shell V-Power Diesel for my car. As I was getting low on fuel it could not have come at a better time so I used it straight away. I have been driving for about 2 weeks now with the Shell V-Power Diesel and I have to say that I notice that the Diesel consumption is better plus the performance of the car is better overall. As my engine was a bit noisy I have also noticed that the engine now runs smoother and quieter. I phoned four of my fishing mates and invited them round for coffee. After we had talked about fishing for a while I explained to them that I was a Bzz agent and told them what a Bzz Agent was (they had never heard of Bzz and were very interested to hear all about it) I told them I was trying out Shell V-Power Diesel for Bzz and gave them a £2.00 voucher each. I told them some of the benefits of Shell V-Power Petrol/ Diesel i.e enhanced performance and increased engine protection and very importantly a cleaner engine. They promised to try out Shell V-Power Diesel the next time they filled up their cars and promised to get back to me. I will Bzz again shortly about Shell V-Power Diesel/Petrol after I hear back from them and I plan to give out the rest of the £2.00 vouchers to friends and family in the next few days. So far I have been impressed with Shell V-Power Diesel especially if it keeps giving me more miles to the gallon and a cleaner engine.


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