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Milk in a bag at Sainsbury’s


Milk in a bag at Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s is to start selling milk in a bag in all of its supermarkets in an attempt to cut down on plastic packaging.


Could this be the end of the milk bottle?

Could this be the end of the milk bottle? Photo: PA

Instead of picking up their milk in a plastic bottle, customers will be encouraged to pop a bag of the liquid into their trolley.

Using 75 per cent less packaging, the bags cost slightly less than the bottles. A two pint milk bag – the only size available – costs 80p, compared with 86p for the same size bottle.

The supermarket insisted the bags are very robust and no customers have complained about the bags splitting since they first went on test two years ago. Sainsbury’s estimated that 3 per cent of its 24 million weekly customers, the equivalent of 720,000 shoppers, have already switched to regularly using bags.

Though bottles, originally glass and now plastic, have been the predominant method of selling milk since 1880, when they were introduced by Express Dairies, many other countries use bags. In China, India, Poland and Canada milk is more normally sold in bags.

Initially, the supermarket will give away 500,000 jugs, especially designed to hold and pierce the bags. Thereafter, the jugs will cost £1.94.

The company estimates that by switching from bottles to bags, it could save up to 1,400 tons of packaging.

This is the latest in a long line of initiatives from supermarkets, attempting to deflect criticism that they are responsible for the majority of packaging that ends up in landfill. Sainsbury’s has switched some of its tinned tomatoes into cardboard pouches, while Marks & Spencer has stopped individually wrapping pieces of fruit.

Initially Sainsbury’s own-brand semi-skimmed milk will be available, with its 1 per cent milk becoming available later this year. The bags go on sale at its Sainsbury Local stores this week, with the remaining 500 supermarkets stocking them by the end of next month.

Milk in a bag at Sainsbury’s

By Harry Wallop, Consumer Affairs Editor
Published: 3:14PM GMT 24 Feb 2010


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