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Sleeping polar bears caught on camera.


Sleeping polar bears caught on camera

Photographed just ten feet from the world’s largest land predator, these images of sleeping polar bears catch the powerful animals at their cutest.

Published: 10:02AM BST 18 Apr 2010

Sleeping polar bears caught on camera

A polar bear snoozes in the Arctic’s Baffin Island Photo: Amos Nachoum / Barcroft

And true to the saying, when the bears awake they seem to have developed a very sore head.

Taken by renowned adventurer Amos Nachoum at a death defying distance, these three bears were snapped on the icy tundra of Admiralty Inlet on the Arctic’s Baffin Island.

Tracked down with the aid of his trusted Inuit guide of 15 years, Amos used a combination of experience and sheer daring to get within spitting distance of the 10 foot tall, 71-stone bears.

"I approached to within ten feet of the bears as they lay asleep, resting on the ice," explained the 59-year old adventure photographer.

"They were fast asleep, but of course this is not the action that every photographer should take when faced with a sleepy polar bear.

"While my friend and guide Esa, watched and observed the bear, I approached downwind and got as close I could possibly feel comfortable with.

"The polar bears greatest sense is its smell, so I had to always be aware of where the wind was blowing."

Having tracked the bears through their footprints in the snow Esa and Amos, who runs an adventure holiday firm called Big Animal Expeditions, led his team of three paying customers directly to the bears.

"These expeditions are conducted at the beginning of the Arctic summer in late May and June, when it is around two or three degrees above zero," said the Israeli photographer who has previously worked with the BBC and National Geographic.

"They can comfortably sleep in these temperatures and these were all taken in the late evening, probably after they had eaten,

"I can not be certain, but they are all probably males, because at this time of year, most of the female bears are concerned with their cubs."

Capturing the bears in the deepest of sleeps, Amos explained the fear that he felt as he got close enough to photograph these stunning images.

"I have almost 40-years of experience dealing with dangerous apex predators in their natural environment," said Amos.

"I am aware of the slightest movements and know exactly how to react if the bear was to awake suddenly.

"And that is exactly what Amos had to do when one of the bears awoke from its slumber.

"The bear slowly got to its feet and showed its displeasure," said Amos.

"However, the number of people present and the noise we were making from our skidoos meant that it did not come closer and we safely retreated."

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