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Owner who dyed cat pink reunited with pet after RSPCA says she didn’t commit a crime


Owner who dyed cat pink reunited with pet after RSPCA says she didn’t commit a crime

A woman who dyed her cat bright pink to match her hair will have her pet returned to her after the RSPCA decided she hadn’t committed a crime.


A woman who dyed her cat bright pink to match her hair will have her pet returned to her after the RSPCA decided she hadn't committed a crime.

A woman who dyed her cat bright pink to match her hair will have her pet returned to her after the RSPCA decided she hadn’t committed a crime. Photo: PA

An officer from the animal charity will visit the cat’s owner to give her a dressing down, offering welfare advice about the potential hazards and consequences of dyeing cats.

Natasha Gregory, 22, said she dyed the naturally white cat using food colouring to match her own pink hair.

The cat was taken into the RSPCA by a concerned man after he found it in his back garden in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Miss Gregory, of Swindon, said she got the idea to dye the cat, called Oi! Kitty, from a US television show where people did a similar thing with dogs.

She said: "It’s my favourite colour, I love it. I’ve dyed my hair pink and I adore pink clothes.

"Turning Oi! Kitty pink seemed like a good idea. I always wanted a pink animal – a bit like my hair.

"I read the instructions on the food colouring and there was nothing that would harm humans or animals. We eat the food the dye is used on, so I knew it wasn’t toxic."

RSPCA officers have washed the cat since it was found, but its colour has only faded slightly.

Miss Gregory contacted the RSPCA after seeing the publicity the case had received in the press and asked them to return the cat.

An RSPCA spokeswoman said the RSPCA will be visiting Miss Gregory to give her advice on animal care.

She added: "Following the visit, as no offence has been committed and as a vet has confirmed the cat is in good health, she will be returned to her owner."

Owner who dyed cat pink reunited with pet after RSPCA says she didn’t commit a crime – Telegraph


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Bizarre naval experiments revealed


Bizarre naval experiments revealed

Details of bizarre experiments carried out by doctors at sea have emerged in newly released documents.


Bizarre naval experiments revealed

The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805, by Joseph Mallord William Turner Photo: National Maritime Museum

In one, a sailor who had fallen overboard was apparently revived by filling his lungs with tobacco smoke, while another tried to deliberately infect subjects with sexually transmitted diseases.

A Royal Navy surgeon claimed James Calloway, unconscious seaman, who was thought to have drowned was brought back by fumes from a pipe.

Along with tobacco, medics on board naval vessels, emigrant ships and convict transport in the 19th century relied on a range of treatments including alcohol, blood-letting and various natural remedies in a bid to restore the health of their patients.

On January 19 1802 Calloway, a seaman aged 40, was treated on the HMS Princess Royal.

Surgeon Ben Lara wrote: ”Brought on board an appearance of a corpse – he had fallen over the bows of the launch, which passed over him with a smart breeze, another boat endeavouring to assist, also drove him under water.

”He emerged and was again sinking when dragged into the boat.

”He was about 12 minutes in the water and 20 minutes elapsed before he was brought aboard.”

The sailor was stripped and laid on a warm bed in the galley where he was ”rubbed dry” with cloths and sack.

”He proceeded in this mode for a quarter of an hour without effect,” Mr Lara reported in documents held at the National Archives in Kew.

”Being compelled to relinquish the advantage of the galley he was removed into the bay – here on a warm bed. Bottles with hot water, were put under his hands, armpits and to the feet.

”Pewter plates heated and defended with flannel were placed along the spine.

”Tobacco smoke was conveyed to the lungs through the tube of a common pipe.

”In three quarters of an hour from his removal to the bay I observed an obscure palpitation of the heart – the tobacco smoke was urged.

”In ten minutes from this he sighed faintly and closed his mouth.

”The smoke was continued. He coughed, pulse at the wrist was evident.”

An hour and 20 minutes after being pulled from the water, the patient managed to speak and swallow two spoonfuls of brandy and water, according to the surgeon.

Mr Lara added: ”In four hours from our first applications he was perfectly collected.”

The sailor recovered and was cleared to return to duty on February 7 1802 but the surgeon warns: ”From his general appearance, which I do not find it easy to describe, I think a favourable termination to be very problematical.”

Another ”experiment”, was conducted on a young woman with a venereal disease – a common problem at sea, according to a surgeon on HMS Gladiator. Both the woman’s ”keeper” and an officer had ”connexion” with her to see how gonorrhoea and syphilis were spread, the documents reveal.

Bizarre naval experiments revealed – Telegraph

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Hackers Unleash Worm That Damages Real World


Hackers Unleash Worm That Damages Real World

Today, 04:20 am

SkyNews (c) Sky News 2010

Computer hackers have unleashed the first virus designed to damage targets in the real world – opening the door to a new era of cyber-warfare.


The Stuxnet worm is the first known malicious software designed to destroy or sabotage factories, power plants, refineries or other industrial installations.

We are used to Trojans and viruses roaming the internet harming computers and causing financial damage, but Stuxnet is in a league of its own.

The worm targets closed and highly secure industrial networks.

After being introduced with a USB key, Stuxnet slips past four previously unknown vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system, so-called "zero day" vulnerabilities.

It is rare for malicious software to exploit even two of them.

Each one can take months for hackers to identify and more time to write software to exploit.

The worm then hunts for specific types of computers made by German company Siemens.

Having found its host, it lies dormant, waiting for a certain moment to override the computer’s control of industrial machinery, with potentially disastrous consequences.

This new breed of malware could wreak the kind of damage only previously seen in Hollywood disaster films.

Imagine a nuclear power station’s cooling system being overridden, for example.

Or a railway’s signals system thrown into chaos.

Experts estimate developing the Stuxnet worm would have taken a highly specialised team between six months to a year.

Israeli cybersecurity strategist Gadi Evron says the worm is so advanced it is almost certainly state-sponsored.

"This would require a lot of resources on the level of a nation state.

"Taking into account the intelligence required to attack a specific target, it would be virtually impossible that this is a lone attacker sitting at home."

Less impressive, though, is the spread of the worm’s infection.

"The attack managed to infect, over several months, something like 30,000 to 50,000 PCs in many facilities and corporations worldwide," Uri Rivner from internet security company RSA told Sky News.

Such a wide dissemination has helped expose the worm’s existence and helped efforts to neutralise it.

It also raises questions about the likely target for the worm.

Iran says computers at its nuclear plant in Bushehr have been compromised by the worm but will not reveal the extent of the damage.

Some figures suggest 60% of the Stuxnet infections are in Iran.

That has led to a highly speculative finger of blame being pointed at Israel.

Is the Jewish state trying to disrupt Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons programme?

We will probably never know. Other unknowns also remain. Has the worm already achieved its goal, or is it lying in wait to carry out its sabotage? Is Iran the intended victim, are other countries at risk?

And, more worryingly, the worm is a trailblazer.

Other hackers can learn from its pioneering methods to produce more sophisticated malware threatening other networks in the future.

Hackers Unleash Worm That Damages Real World – Yahoo! News UK

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What’s dirtier than your toilet seat?


What’s dirtier than your toilet seat?

You’ll never look at your toothbrush the same way

What s dirtier than your toilet seat?


Given what a bathroom is used for, most people sensibly try to keep it clean.

Alas, disinfecting your toilet bowl may well lull you into a false sense of how germ free your home really is.

We’ve compiled a list of places and things that are really quite dirty and potentially unsafe.


If you flush the toilet without putting the lid down, the water particles are sprayed up to a distance of six feet, landing on your sink and toothbrush. Close the lid before you flush, and disinfect the taps, the flush handle and door handles often.

Kitchen sink

Your kitchen sink contains 100,000 times more germs than your bathroom. Sponges are a trap for germs and can carry bacteria such as e. coli and salmonella. Your chopping board, brace yourself, has about twice as much faecal bacteria than your average toilet seat.

Wash your sponges in the dishwasher and replace them often. Use separate chopping boards for meat, fish and vegetables, and wash and disinfect them closely after each use.

Computer keyboard

Why fret about the cleanliness of your office bathroom when your computer keyboard carries a year’s worth of nose pickings and breadcrumbs? More importantly, your qwerty carries all sorts of bugs that cause food poisoning.

Flip your keyboard over, shake hard, and then wipe the surface with antibacterial solution. And don’t forget your computer mouse.

Mobile phone

Your mobile is delightfully small and versatile, which is precisely why it tends to carry 18 times more potentially harmful germs than your average toilet’s flush handle. Indeed, your phone could be carrying staph bacteria, which can cause everything from skin infections to meningitis.

The same goes for your house and office phones.

Turn the device off and wipe it with a antibacterial towelette. Repeat often.

Your laundry

You might feel that the laundry you’ve just done is truly clean – think again. Research has found that intestinal viruses like hepatitis A and e.coli can be transferred between clothes during a wash.

Use bleach where possible, and wash fabrics at the highest possible temperature. If you have a dryer, use it at the highest setting allowed to kill the remaining germs.

TV remote

It is one of the most used and least cleaned items in your home, and it is also one of the top places to transmit infections. In your hotel room, it is most likely the dirtiest surface there.

Sanitize it with antibacterial wipes.

Your bed

Your bed is rife with bacteria, dust mites and viruses.

Change your bedding weekly and wash it and dry it at high temperatures, using bleach if you can.

You should have your pillows and duvets professionally cleaned and replace your mattress every few years.

Your pet

There is nothing like unconditional affection given by your pet – including the campylobacter bacteria, which is carried by up to half of dogs and cats, and can give you food poisoning.

Treat your pet with affection, then wash your hands.

Wider world

Money, supermarket trolleys, elevator buttons, petrol pump nozzles, salad bars, public bathrooms, hotel rooms, candy bowls, your gym, sliced fruit in your cocktail… you name it, and it will be carrying many germs, some of them quite nasty.

Use common sense, as that may give you some protection against the rich tapestry of germ life.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and hot water. Dry them afterward.

  • Avoid, where possible, touching surfaces that are handled by the general public, such as bathroom door handles. You may wash you hands, but others don’t.

  • Do not handle food unless you’ve washed your hands.

  • Avoid touching your face, including your nose and eyes, unless you have just washed your hands.

  • Stay away from people who are obviously sick.


From BT/Yahoo/Lifestyle  What’s dirtier than your toilet seat?

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Dormice population halts housing plans


Dormice population halts housing plans

The site for new housing estate was rejected after local planning chiefs said that pet cats might eat dormice in a nearby woods.


Planning officials said cats could end up prowling Foal Hurst Wood and  devastate the dormouse population

Planning officials said cats could end up prowling Foal Hurst Wood and devastate the dormouse population Photo: SIMON CZAPP / SOLENT

Town councillors in Paddock Wood, near Tunbridge Wells in Kent, voted down a proposed site for 600 new homes after deciding it was ‘too dangerous’ for the protected creatures.

The native Hazel dormouse, which can hibernate for up to six months, is an endangered species in Britain and councillors were worried that a new housing estate would mean scores of hungry pet cats arriving in the area.

They said that the cats would end up prowling the nearby 40-acre Foal Hurst Wood and could devastate the dormouse population.

Angry scenes followed at meeting of the Paddock Wood Town Council last week after Independent councillor Ron Goodman said the council was putting the safety of rodents ahead of road safety concerns of children living on the planned new estate.

Labour councillor Ray Moon rejected the charge, saying the council had a ‘responsibility to maintain the wood for future generations’ and that ‘having domestic cats living nearby would be disastrous for small mammals’.

He told the meeting: "The Foal Hurst Wood option offers the most harm to the environment.

"It is an ancient woodland, it has dormice, it offers so many different things to that area.

"I’m willing to stand up and defend the dormice of Foal Hurst Wood on the basis that our schoolchildren want to see our wildlife thriving.

"I don’t want my grandchildren to grow up and say ‘I have never seen a dormouse, what is a dormouse?’"

Cllr Goodman, however, said plans for the new homes should focus on the road safety of children living on the new estate, not the safety of dormice.

He said: "You’re trying to make a decision based on what’s good for dormice.

"It’s all nonsense. It’s crazy."

Cllr Goodman said that ‘the safety of children’ should take precedence over ‘the safety of dormice’ when considering where the new homes would be built.

"People’s lives are worth more than those of dormice," said Cllr Goodman.

The site, however, was rejected by the town council after seven councillors voted it the ‘least favoured option’ of three proposed sites, with one vote against and two abstentions.

Local Amy Little, 32, said: "How they can get in such a tizzy about dormice is ridiculous.

"I know they are protected, but how can anyone make a rational decision if they are constantly worried about which animals might fall victim to cats?

"The logical conclusion of all this arguing is that it would be better to ban cats altogether as they eat all manner of birds and small mammals, and in the end nobody can stop them."

Earlier this year it was revealed that Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council in South Wales spent a staggering £190,000 on three 20ft-high road bridges for dormice to stop them being flattened by cars.

Published: 9:54AM BST 27 Sep 2010 by the:

Dormice population halts housing plans – Telegraph

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Grandmother Awaits Execution In The US


Grandmother Awaits Execution In The US

32 mins ago

SkyNews (c) Sky News 2010

A Virginia woman is counting down her final hours before being put to death for plotting the murders of her husband and stepson.



Related content

Teresa Lewis, 41, will be the first woman to be executed in southern Virginia in almost 100 years when she is given a lethal injection at 2am BST at the Greensville Correctional Centre.

A prison spokesman said Lewis had met her "spiritual advisor and immediate family".

The only hope for an 11th-hour reprieve rests with Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, after the US Supreme Court turned down her request for a stay of execution.

But McDonnell has twice said he would not intervene, and Lewis has requested a final meal of two breasts of fried chicken, sweet peas with butter, a slice of either German cake or apple pie, and a can of Dr Pepper to drink.

Lewis pleaded guilty to hiring two men to murder her husband and stepson at the family’s home in October 2002 so that she could collect £200,000 in life insurance.

But campaigners say she is "borderline mentally retarded" and that assessments of her IQ as being between 70 and 72 make the execution unconstitutional.

She met Rodney Fuller and Matthew Shallenberger in a supermarket and began an affair with Shallenberger, then aged 22.

She admits she left the door of the family trailer open in 2002 so the two could enter and shoot her husband and his 25-year-old son.

All three pleaded guilty but Shallenberger and Fuller were sentenced to life while Lewis received the death penalty as the mastermind of the killings.

But Lewis’ supporters say she has a personality disorder, was addicted to prescription drugs and was manipulated by the more intelligent Shallenberger.

And they further question why she should be executed when the two men who actually carried out the murder were handed life without parole.

Her lawyers point to a letter from Shallenberger, who killed himself in jail in 2006, in which he claims full responsibility for the murder plot and suggests he pushed Lewis into it.

Lawyer Jim Rocap said: "When one judges Teresa, you need to judge her based upon her entire life and not just what happened on the worst day of her life."

Lewis will become only the twelfth woman out of 1,200 people to be executed in the US since the death penalty was reintroduced in 1976.

Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said: "We oppose the death penalty in all cases but even supporters of capital punishment will be deeply troubled by the prospect of a woman like Teresa Lewis being executed.

"Does Virginia really want to be responsible for judicially killing a woman assessed as ‘borderline mentally retarded’?"

Officials have revealed Lewis’s choice of a final meal: fried chicken, sweet peas and Dr Pepper with a pudding of either German cake or apple pie.

On Tuesday, Lewis’s case made global headlines when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad contrasted the lack of protest over her impending execution to the "storm" surrounding a woman sentenced to be stoned in Iran.

Grandmother Awaits Execution In The US – Yahoo! News UK

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I’ve got ver-tigger! The scaredy-cat who is afraid of heights | Mail Online


I’ve got ver-tigger! The scaredy-cat who is afraid of heights


We all remember the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard Of Oz, but did you know he had a cousin – The Timid Tiger?

Luckily this tiger has finally beaten his fear of heights.

Tanvir, a four-year-old Bengal tiger, was more scaredy-cat than scary cat as he battled to overcome his acrophobia.

King of the jungle gym: Bengal tiger Tanvir has finally overcome his fear of heights and climbed to the top of his 15ft climbing frame

King of the jungle gym: Bengal tiger Tanvir has finally overcome his fear of heights and climbed to the top of his 15ft climbing frame

Last year the big male climbed to the top of his 15ft purpose-built climbing frame at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, at Wroxall, north Somerset, and was too frightened to come down for 48 hours.

Eventually hunger forced Tanvir to climb down when keepers tempted him with a tasty-looking pig’s head.

Twelve months later Tanvir appears to have left his fear of heights behind him and can now be seen confidently climbing up and jumping from platforms on climbing frame.

Tanvir made it to the top of his climbing frame soon enough, but the first time he used it he was too frightened to come down for 48 hours.

Tanvir made it to the top of his climbing frame soon enough, but the first time he used it he was too frightened to come down for 48 hours.

Initially more of a pussy cat than a dangerous striped hunter, Tanvir has grown considerably in size and character in the year since his arrival at the zoo last summer.

A favourite among visitors and staff, Tanvir now weighs in at 27 stone – about double the weight of a well-built rugby player – and is set to grow bigger, eating between 3kg and 5kg of meat each day.

Big cat keeper Emma Godsell said: ‘I’ve always had a big soft spot for Tanvir, who is a very inquisitive tiger, always on the lookout for attention from visitors.’

‘We created a huge multi-level climbing structure in his enclosure to keep him active when he first arrived here last year and he promptly climbed up and wouldn’t come back down.’

‘Now he’s much more confident in his strength and climbing ability and I can use scent and food enrichment exercises on his tower to keep him physically and mentally stimulated, which he really engages with.’

Tiring work: Tanvir takes a quiet moment after having climbed up the 15ft tiger activity centre

Tiring work: Tanvir takes a quiet moment after having climbed up the 15ft tiger activity centre.

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 3:20 PM on 23rd September 2010

From the: I’ve got ver-tigger! The scaredy-cat who is afraid of heights | Mail Online

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Freesound: collaborative database of creative-commons licensed sound for musicians and sound lovers. Have you freed your sound today?


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Tesco shoppers flock to bargains on sale at just 1p


Shoppers flock to Tesco for bargains on sale at just 1p

Shoppers have rushed to pick up bargains at Tesco stores after news emerged that the retail giant is selling items from discontinued lines for only 1p each.

Items ranging from iPod Touch cases to slippers, clothes and umbrellas are going through tills across the country at 1p a time.

Details have emerged via online consumer forums, triggering a stampede of shoppers to Tesco outlets.

Bargains ahoy: News of 1p items from discontinued lines spread on discount websites

Bargains ahoy: News of 1p items for sale at Tesco spread on discount websites

Tesco has rubbished suggestions on these websites that the bargains are the result of some kind of till computer glitch.

Britain’s biggest retailer has a policy of offering graduated discounts on discontinued lines which start at 25 per cent, rising to 50 per cent and 75 per cent. Tesco sets a time limit to sell these products.

Once they pass that date, the items are automatically marked down to 1p when they go through the till.

Shoppers will not realise they are paying only a penny until the item goes through the till.

Contributors to the shoppers’ website reported buying 59 different items for 1p each.

These included a £13 Kerplunk children’s game, £10 Disney hoodies, £8 Totes umbrellas, £7 Belkin leather iPod cases and £6 slippers.

Items ranging from iPod Touch cases to slippers, clothes and umbrellas

Sale: Belkin leather cases for the iPod touch are usually £7

Other penny bargains reported included a £5 Technika camera bag, £3.79 Cafedirect Cloud Forest Coffee Beans, £2.39 Head & Shoulders shampoo, risotto mix, sauces, spices and £1.39 After Eight mints.

Shoppers said items did not list a 1p sale price but showed a penny when swiping at the till or self-checkout.

One contributor wrote: ‘I took a 1p item through and the staff said there had been lots of 1p items going through that day.’

Another said: ‘I got a dressing-up costume for 1p, which is my bargain of the year and means one happy little boy come Christmas with the cheapest present ever.’

A Tesco spokesman said: ‘This is no computer glitch. These are discontinued products which have gone beyond the "reduced to clear" period.

‘Our view is it is better these items are sold rather than being thrown away.

‘It is completely random as to whether people come across the 1p items. But there are going to be some lucky customers out there who find the most amazing bargains.’


Cuponk cup and ball children’s game                         £12.97 (regular price)

Disney children’s hoodie                                             £10

Black Tote umbrella                                                    £8

Belkin iPod touch leather case & screen protector     £7

Men’s brown fleece slippers                                       £6

Girls’ brushed cotton pyjamas                                    £5

Technika camera bag in black and grey                    £4.97

F&F women’s 2-pack black knee-high tights              £4.50

Cafe Direct Cloud Forest Coffee Beans 227g            £3.79

Boys’ vests, 3-pack                                                    £3.50

Daddy Cool men’s socks                                            £3

The Stig men’s socks                                                 £2.50

Head & Shoulders 250ml shampoo                            £2.39

Bart coriander jar                                                       £1.40

After Eight mints                                                         £1.39

From the: Mail Online

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Drunk rescued after getting stuck in recycling bin


Drunk rescued after getting stuck in recycling bin

A drunk had to be rescued by fire crews after he got trapped inside a recycling bin.

Legs protruding from a recycling bin

The man got stuck inside a recycling bin Photo: CORBIS

A dog walker heard cries of ‘help’ coming from a clothes recycling bin outside Great Wakering Sports Centre, in Great Wakering, Essex, at 6.30am on Saturday.

The man, believed to be Lithuanian and described as ‘drunk’, climbed into the metal bin on his way home because he was cold – but got stuck inside.

A spokesman for Essex Fire Service said the good samaritan dialled 999 after efforts to pull the man free failed.

She said: ”A woman walking her dog heard the cries of a man stuck in a closed recycling bin outside the sports centre and raised the alarm for crews to go to help.

”Two appliances were sent to the incident and when firefighters arrived at the scene they found the woman comforting a young man who had clearly had a good night out.

”Crews requested the attendance of police as they reported that the casualty, although unharmed, may have trouble finding his way home.

”How he got into the bin is a bit of a mystery, but he would still be there if the woman hadn’t heard his cries for help.

”She was unable to get him out, so called the Fire Service for assistance. We don’t know how he got there. Apparently he wanted somewhere warm and dry.

By the:

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