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16 gadgets that will save you money.


16 gadgets that will save you money.

By Emma Roberts

It’s not just secret agents who benefit from using flashy gadgets. Emma Roberts reveals how you can save money by investing in these clever devices.

It’s unbelievable just how many gadgets there are these days. It seems for every inconvenient problem there is a high-tech solution waiting to be purchased. Yes, gadgets look impressive in front of your mates and they can also make your life a little easier. But the great thing is they can actually save you money too.

So here, I’m going to run through the top gadgets and gizmos that can save you cash and boost your street cred in the process.

Energy savers

With the price of energy always on the increase, we all want to do everything we can to save money on our bills. The best way to save money on your energy is to check that you’re getting the best deal, so have a little look at our energy blog to make sure you’re not paying too much.

In the meantime, check out these top gadgets that can efficiently shave pounds off your energy bills.

Eco-Button, £12.99: This nifty little gizmo plugs into the USB port of your computer. When you leave your desk, press the Eco-Button and it’ll ensure your PC and monitor only draw out the minimum amount of energy. What’s more, the PC software that comes with the device can tell you how much money you’ve saved by using the Eco-Button.

Bye Bye Standby, prices vary: The Bye Bye Standby brand offers a range of energy-saving gadgets, such as this remote (£9.95) that turns off all chosen electrical devices in a 30-metre range. This is really useful seeing as the average household wastes £40 a year by leaving devices on standby.

Smart Plugs, prices vary: Smart Plugs work by cutting the electricity flow to electronic devices that are not in use. Check out this Desktop Computer Intelliplug (£19.95) which works by automatically turning off other electronic devices that are linked to the computer when the computer is turned off or on standby, saving you a bundle on energy bills.


Radiator Booster, around £19.00: This ingenious invention is an energy efficient fan that sits on top of your radiator. The Radiator Booster works by channelling the hot air produced by the radiator into the room, halving the time it takes for the room to heat up. The great thing is, it only costs 50p a year to run and can save the average household between £70-£140 a year on energy bills.

Eco-flap, £19.99: Ever feel a chilly breeze coming through your letterbox? The Eco-Flap fits at the back of your letterbox and stops any nasty draughts from coming through, saving you money on your heating bills.


Energy Wizard, £24.99: Zap away 10% of your electricity bill with this delightful device. It improves the efficiency of electrical devices in your home and can save you £60 or more each year.


Waterpebble, £9.99: This is so much more than a shiny rock. Pop it in your shower and Waterpebble will remind you when it’s time to get out by changing colour, saving water, as well as money on your water bills.


Energy saving plug & water widget, FREE (worth £19.99): This plug automatically switches off anything left on standby and the water widget reduces the amount of water you use in your shower. To get it free, you need to enter the code code ‘GREEN1’ on the sign up form, and the plug will be sent within 28 days.

Convenient cash savers

Along with generating savings on our energy bills, there are also many other gadgets that will help your finances in convenient ways.


Dongle, prices vary: Why pay out loads for an expensive broadband contract when you could invest in reasonably priced mobile broadband through the use of a dongle? Ditching the broadband and switching to a dongle could save you over £200. The good thing is, you don’t always have to sign up for a long term contract, as you can even invest in a pay-as-you-go one.

Rechargeable batteries, prices vary: Although rechargeable batteries may be initially more expensive than their disposable cousins, they save you a lot of money in the long run, as you don’t have to keep replacing them.


Solar-Powered Portable Speakers, £39.99: These high-tech speakers are conveniently portable and completely solar-powered. Whilst we’re on the subject of solar power, check out this solar-powered charger, an economical and environmentally friendly way of charging your gadgets.


Co Stapler, £4.99: Most office workers go through staples like there’s no tomorrow, so it’s no surprise that if every office worker saved one staple a day we would save 72 tonnes of metal a year.

 This sleek piece of stationery means you will never have to buy staples again, as it is completely staple-less.


Mini digital luggage scale, £19.99: You’ve had a fantastic time hitting the shops on your holiday abroad, but now it’s time to go to the airport to fly home. The only thing is your suitcase is now bursting with your new purchases, so how do you know you won’t be charged for going over the baggage allowance? This little gadget lets you weigh your luggage anywhere, so you can sort out your baggage blunders before you get to the airport.


Coin-counting money jar, £12.99: Putting pennies in a jar is all very well, but mostly they get forgotten about. I would be more inclined to pay attention to my saved pennies if I instantly knew how much they amounted to -and this coin counting money jar tells you just that.


Portable fishing rod, £24.99: If your partner is nagging you for a fish and chip supper, surprise him/her by bringing home the catch of the day caught using this portable fishing rod. You’ll no longer have to traipse around the seafood section of your supermarket, buying expensive fish, and this portable rod is cheaper than a standard rod.


So there you are, gadgets have always been fun, but this clever lot also can save you a load of cash too. Don’t forget to check out our Tech Shed group if you want to discuss all things gadget related with other members of


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