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The cheapest places in the UK and world for petrol – Yahoo! Finance UK


The cheapest places in the UK and world for petrol

Petrol prices vary wildly from region to region and country to country, so where’s cheapest?



The bank holiday is an opportunity for people to head out of (or into) town and visit friends, relatives – or even jet overseas for a short break.
But those driving in the UK will not just encounter a change of scenery, but a large difference in the cost of filling up the car.
Figures from Santander show there’s a 16.2p a litre difference in the petrol prices paid by Brits in different parts of the country, meaning filling up could cost you £10 more (or less) depending on where you go.

Where’s cheapest then?
Looking at credit card data, Santander compared the prices paid for unleaded at petrol stations across the country – the cheapest region to fill up in was Grampian in Scotland with an average petrol price of 129.7 pence a litre.
Outside of Scotland, Denbighshire in Wales has the cheapest price per litre of 130.9p.
Regionally, north-west England was cheapest at an average of 131.9 pence per litre of premium unleaded fuel.
Where to avoid
As well as the cheapest place to fill up in Britain, Scotland is also home to the most expensive – with a litre of unleaded the Shetland Islands costing 145.9p on average, more than anywhere else.
After the Shetland Islands, Humberside was the next costliest place to fill up, where petrol costs 137.9p a litre. That high price helped push Yorkshire and Humberside to the top of the most expensive region table.

Average petrol costs by region



Yorkshire & Humberside
133.4 pence per litre

South West
133.2 pence per litre

133.1 pence per litre

West Midlands
133.0 pence per litre

132.8 pence per litre

East Midlands
132.8 pence per litre

North East
132.5 pence per litre

132.3 pence per litre

East of England
132.3 pence per litre

South East
132.2 pence per litre

Northern Ireland
132.1 pence per litre

North West
131.9 pence per litre

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Heading overseas
The savings available to people in different countries dwarf those available to people in different parts of the UK.
New research from car dealers
Evans Halshaw shows Venezuela is the cheapest country to by petrol in for the second year running.
At just 8p a litre, the South American state has a bigger petrol smuggling trade than a drug smuggling one – especially given that residents of neighbouring nation Columbia pay more than 40 times as much for their fuel.
After Venezuela, Egypt (9p a litre), Saudi Arabia (10p a litre), Qatar (12p a litre) and Bahrain (15p a litre) are the cheapest countries to but petrol in.
By contrast, Norway was found to be the most expensive country to fill up in – with petrol costing an astonishing 1.64p a litre in the Scandinavian state.
Turkey (£1.62 a litre), the Netherlands (£1.48 a litre), Italy (£1.46 a litre) and Greece (£1.45 a litre) were the next most expensive.
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The 10 cheapest countries to buy petrol


The cheapest places in the UK and world for petrol – Yahoo! Finance UK


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Bolt: I want to do the long jump – Yahoo! Eurosport UK


Bolt: I want to do the long jump

Usain Bolt confirmed his place as one of the greatest sprinters in history by defending both 100m and 200m gold medals at London 2012.

Jamaica's Usain Bolt celebrates with his gold medal during the presentation ceremony for the men's 200m (Reuters)


And with both world records already his, it seems there are no worlds left to conquer in sprinting for the 26-year-old – so he is turning to a new event.

Bolt has confirmed that he wants to put his energies into the long jump – an event in which Carl Lewis, the last man to retain the 100m Olympic title – excelled.

But Bolt’s coach Glen Mills wants his man to aim instead at taking on the 400m.

"My coach wants me to do 400 metres, I want to try long jump," Bolt told Sky News.

"I could always try to aim for the records again, so there’s different things — but after the season we’ll decide what we want to do and work on that next season."

Bolt has also publicly stated that he has dreams of playing football for Manchester United or playing cricket in Australia’s Big Bash League.

But he is still keen to try and defend his sprint crowns one more time, confirming that he is intending to compete again in the next Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

"Definitely I will be there, as long as I’m fit and I’m ready," he said. "It’ll be a little bit harder but I’m looking forward to it."

Bolt: I want to do the long jump – Yahoo! Eurosport UK

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US-based preacher ‘saddened’ after ban prevents town visit .

US based Preacher “saddened” after ban prevents him from entering UK

Todd Bentley
Todd Bentley

THE controversial US-based preacher Todd Bentley has spoken of his disappointment after he was banned from appearing at a three-day healing event in Portadown.

 Mr Bentley, whose unorthodox approach to healing – including choking and kicking people – provoked wide-spread international criticism, had been due to appear at The Christian Centre on September 1, 2 and 3.

The former drug addict, who was convicted of sexually assaulting a child when he was a teenager, had been invited to Portadown by Pastors George and Irene Elliott who run the Tandragee Road-based church.

However, the Home Office announced this week that it was refusing to permit Mr Bentley entry to the UK via an exclusion order. He had also been due to preach in England. A spokesperson for the Home Office explained, “The Government makes no apologies for refusing people access to the UK if we believe they’re not conducive to the public good.”

Mr Bentley reacted to the Home Office decision by publishing a statement on the Fresh Fires Ministries Church, an American church he is affiliated to.

He said, “I am deeply saddened by the recent decision of the UK government regarding my entry into the country. At this point, we are thankful to God for the support from our friends in the UK who truly love Jesus and embrace the supernatural, faith and healing.

“We know and believe that the UK has a great destiny, and we are praying for the leaders and those in government. Please continue to stand with us in prayer regarding this decision and our return to the UK.”

When news broke that the Canadian-born preacher was due to fly to Northern Ireland and mainland UK, town clergymen expressed their fears that such a visit by the 36-year-old would ‘exploit’ the most vulnerable in society. Clips of the preacher on video-sharing website, YouTube, show Mr Bentley hitting a man in the stomach with what he describes as his “holy knee”. Another clip shows Mr Bentley speaking about how he banged a crippled woman’s legs “like baseball bats” off the ground.

The Rev Jim Campbell, Rector of St Mark’s Church, and Pastor Johnny Brown of Portadown Elim Church both said they felt Mr Bentley’s style of healing was at odds with Biblical teachings. And local psychologist, Dr Arthur Cassidy, told the paper that Mr Bentley’s ‘healing’ events could potentially lead ill people to stop taking their medication.

The Portadown Times contacted Pastors George and Irene Elliott for their response. However, they said they did not wish to make any comment.

From the: Portadown Times N Ireland…..

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TV reptile expert Mark O’Shea rushed to hospital after being bitten by deadly cobra.


TV reptile expert Mark O’Shea rushed to hospital after being bitten by deadly cobra

  • Mark O'Shea with the King Cobra which later bit him

    Mark O’Shea with the King Cobra which later bit him.

World-renowned reptile expert and TV wildlife personality Mark O’Shea had to be airlifted to hospital – after being bitten by a killer King Cobra. 
Snake enthusiast O’Shea, 56, had a lucky escape after the massive 10ft (3m) reptile clamped its jaws around his leg at West Midlands Safari Park on Sunday afternoon. 
The deadly cobra – whose venom is strong enough to kill an elephant – dug its fangs into the reptile curator’s leg during a routine feed.
First aid staff armed with life-saving anti-venom rushed to O’Shea’s aid due to fears that the deadly poison had entered his bloodstream.
But thanks to their quick thinking paramedics arrived to find him suffering no serious effects from the bite.
O’Shea – best known as the presenter of the Discovery Channel series ‘O’Shea’s Big Adventure’ and Channel 4’s ‘O’Shea’s Dangerous Reptiles’ -  was airlifted to Worcester Royal Hospital where his condition was yesterday described as "stable".
He was expected to be discharged from hospital this afternoon. 
Speaking from his hospital bed yesterday, O’Shea played down the bite from the king cobra -  the world’s longest venomous snake – and described it as "just a nick."
He said: "It was an accident. It was just a nick really.
"Sometimes there are accidents at work but it’s just these sort of ones are a lot more interesting to people.
"It was a lucky escape. I would class any snake bite that doesn’t cause a serious injury to be a lucky escape. I won’t lie, it did hurt a bit. 
"We are going to have a full investigation but it was just an accident. I’m hoping to be out of hospital soon."

Bob Lawrence, head keeper at West Midland Safari Park, added:  "The animal was being fed behind closed doors. He’s lucky. He has had a few encounters before but he is fine.
"It is very, very rare that these things ever happen.
"Working with animals like this always carries hazards with it, but we have safety measures in place."
Mr Lawrence said the safari park stored anti-venom for all of its poisonous animals, and routinely rehearsed such situations with local hospitals.
West Midlands Ambulance Service said they received a call from the safari park at 4pm on Sunday and sent a doctor, an ambulance crew, a responder paramedic and the Midlands Air Ambulance to the scene.
A spokeswoman said: “When crews and the doctor arrived, they found one of the park’s snake handlers being cared for by their on-site first aiders.
"They had already immobilised the leg and administered excellent first aid.
“The man in his 50s had reportedly been bitten on the leg by a king cobra. The doctor assessed the man and found he was stable and suffering no serious effects from the bite.
“Due to the fact the venom can be lethal if it enters the bloodstream, the man was airlifted to Worcester Royal Hospital as a precaution.
"Medics at the hospital were pre-alerted to the arrival of the man who was said to be in a stable condition.”
It’s not the first time the daring reptile specialist has been attacked by a deadly snake.
In 1993 he nearly died when he was bitten by a canebrake rattlesnake – and he has since been on the receiving end of several other snakebites, spider bites and scorpion stings.

TV reptile expert Mark O’Shea rushed to hospital after being bitten by deadly cobra – Yahoo! News UK

Yahoo! NewsBy Simon Garner | Yahoo! News – Mon, Aug 20, 2012

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Tony Nicklinson’s last tweet: Goodbye world the time has come, I had some fun – Yahoo! News UK

Farewell Tony Nicklinson you fought a long battle and asked very hard questions about health and life.I wish your family all the best in these hard times of sorrow and hope they find peace in the years to come. jboy2244


Tony Nicklinson suffered from locked-in syndrome and died at home in Melksham, Wiltshire


Tony Nicklinson suffered from locked-in syndrome and died at home in Melksham, Wiltshire


Tony Nicklinson’s last tweet: Goodbye world the time has come,

I had some fun.

Tony Nicklinson’s last tweet today read: "Goodbye world the time has come, I had some fun."
The 58-year-old, who had suffered from ‘locked in syndrome’ following a massive stroke in 2005, died this morning in his family home in Melksham, Trowbridge.
He had last week lost his High Court appeal to enable doctors to legally end his life.
Mr Nicklinson was paralysed from the neck down and vowed last week to appeal the decision that he claimed consigned him to ‘yet another period of physical discomfort, misery and mental anguish’.
Shortly after his death at around 10am this morning Mr Nicklinson’s family posted a short message on his Twitter account. It said: "You may already know, my Dad died peacefully this morning of natural causes. he was 58."
Five minutes later the family posted another tweet. It read: "Before he died, he asked us to tweet: ‘Goodbye world the time has come, I had some fun’."
They then added: "Thank you for your support over the years. We would appreciate some privacy at this difficult time. Love, Jane, Lauren and Beth."

The Nicklinson family taken in 1992: From left – Lauren, Jane, Beth and Tony (Picture: SWNS)

Mr Nicklinson was cared for full-time by his wife Jane, 56. She said on Twitter today that she had "lost the love of my life but he suffers no more."

Beth Nicklinson, Mr Nicklinson’s daughter, tweeted: "Couldn’t have asked for a better dad, so strong. You are now at peace, we will be fine. I love you xxx."
His older daughter Lauren, 24, tweeted: "Dad, you are finally at peace. Beth and I are so proud to be your daughters, we got our strength from you. I love you xxx."
The family’s solicitor Saimo Chahal said: "Jane told me that Tony went rapidly downhill over last weekend, having contracted pneumonia.
"He had made an advanced directive in 2004 refusing any life-sustaining treatment and also refused food from last week.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.
He said: "Police are not involved at all. We can confirm he passed away and it is not a matter for Wiltshire Police.
"His death certificate has been signed by a doctor, so it is not a matter for Wiltshire Police or the coroner."
Shortly after the High Court verdict on Thursday of last week Mr Nicklinson had tweeted to his 47,000 Twitter followers that he was ‘still down after [the] result’.

Speaking through his computer following the decision, a tearful Mr Nicklinson had said: "Judges, like politicians, are happiest when they can avoid confronting the real issues and this judgement is no exception to the rule.
"I believe that the legal team acting on my behalf are prepared to go all the way on this but unfortunately for me it means yet another period of physical discomfort, misery and mental anguish while we find out who controls my life, me or the state."
Three judges sitting in London unanimously agreed that it would be wrong for the court to depart from the long-established legal position that "voluntary euthanasia is murder, however understandable the motives may be".

Mr Nicklinson, a rugby fanatic, was en-route to Athens with business colleagues when he suffered a massive stroke in June 2005.
His wife Jane, a former nurse, rushed from their home in Dubai to the Greek hospital where he lay in a coma.

Mr Nicklinson went from a "larger than life" character to a wheelchair-bound invalid.

He described life as "dull, miserable, demeaning, undignified and intolerable".

The only way he could communicate to his family is via a Perspex board and letters – looking, blinking and nodding to spell out words – and he could not move his limbs.

Tony Nicklinson’s last tweet: Goodbye world the time has come, I had some fun – Yahoo! News UK

Yahoo! NewsBy Simon Garner

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Supermarkets Deny Selling ‘Bottled Tap Water’


Supermarkets Deny Selling ‘Bottled Tap Water’


Supermarkets Deny Selling 'Bottled Tap Water'

Supermarkets Deny Selling ‘Bottled Tap Water’

Two supermarkets have denied claims the economy-price own-brand bottled water they sell is in fact tap water.

The allegations surrounded Tesco Everyday Value Still Water and Asda Smartprice Still Water, which reportedly sit on shelves alongside major mineral water brands such as Evian and Perrier.

The Daily Mail claimed the products were simply a filtered version of what is supplied to almost all domestic homes – but that there was no labelling on the bottles saying so.

It was likened to the fictional situation in the sitcom Only Fools And Horses where protagonists Del Boy and Rodney Trotter start selling "Peckham Spring", which is in fact water from the taps of their London council flat.

Both supermarkets denied misleading their customers in any way, saying the bottles gave customers a clear idea of what they were buying.

A spokeswoman for Asda, which gets its bottled water supplied by Yorkshire Water, said it was wrong to call its product tap water.

"Our Smart Price water is treated to remove chlorine, further filtered, then bottled," she said.

"If sparkling, carbon dioxide is added for a bit of fizz. The label on the bottle tells our customers just that.

"Our two-litre bottle is 17p. For comparison – if a customer bought a Brita water filter jug at £16 and used it for the recommended 40 gallons, it would cost 21p to produce two litres of filtered water.

"We’re saving our customers time and money – as well as providing a container."

A spokeswoman for Tesco , whose Everyday Value Still Water also retails for 17p for two litres, said: "Our Everyday Value Still Water goes through a complex filtration process to improve the taste and remove impurities.

"Tesco sells a wide range of waters to suit all tastes and budgets. All of our products are clearly labelled so customers know what they are buying."

Supermarkets Deny Selling ‘Bottled Tap Water’ – Yahoo! News UK Sky News

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Mo shows off his new beard | World of Sport – Yahoo!


Mo shows off his new beard

Mo Farah has unveiled a surprise new look: a blonde goatee beard.

The double Olympic champion became a household name when he won both the 5,000m and 10,000m, and he has cashed in on his achievement by taking part in a promotion for Virgin Media.

And that’s what’s prompted his new beard, which mimics the one famously worn by Virgin’s owner and founder Richard Branson.

Farah is just the latest in a string of big names who have signed up to promote the company’s broadband and TV services: Samuel L Jackson, Uma Thurman and Farah’s fellow gold medallist Usain Bolt have all taken part in adverts for the company recently.

Mo shows off his new beard | World of Sport – Yahoo! Eurosport UK

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Drivers refunded after traffic wardens issued fines for cars parked on snow-covered double yellow lines.


Drivers refunded after traffic wardens issued fines for cars parked on snow-covered double yellow lines

Yahoo! NewsBy Simon Garner

This is the moment a traffic warden was caught ticketing parked cars – by kicking snow off double yellow lines.
Pensioner Anthony Wilkinson, 70, captured two officials as they slapped penalty notices on dozens of cars during the cold snap in November 2010.

This is the moment one of the traffic wardens was caught illegally ticketing parked cars The law states parking tickets can only be issued if the double yellow lines are visible.
Mr Wilkinson claimed he caught two traffic wardens shuffling the snow away with their feet before putting penalty tickets on the car windows to make it appear the lines could be seen.
Despite not being issued a ticket himself, Mr Wilkinson has successfully battled against the fines which were issued by Nottingham City Council.
After viewing his footage of the underhand wardens, all the drivers who were issued a ticket outside Mr Wilkinson’s home in Ruddington, Nottinghamshire, were told they could get a refund.

Pensioner Anthony Wilkinson (Picture: NTI / SWNS)

Mr Wilkinson, who was today told his appeal against the fines had finally been accepted, said: "I think it has highlighted a possible culture of deception and disdain for the public among the employees of the parking industry.
"When I saw the footage on my cameras I just thought to myself ‘no, it is wrong’. I couldn’t believe what I saw. How sneaky and underhand can you get?"
The council today admitted the wardens – employed by private firm NSL – should not have issued the penalty tickets.
A council spokesman said: "We instruct the civil enforcement officers that they must be able to see the lines and the windscreen in order to be able to issue.
"This would normally cover snow, standing water, frost, leaves and similar.
"It is clear the penalty charge notices should not have been issued.
"The conduct of the civil enforcement officers was not and would never be condoned by Nottingham City Council.
"In this instance the enforcement was certainly not fair or accurate and was not consistent with the high standards of enforcement expected."
The council no longer uses NSL and its own staff now enforce parking regulations.
A spokesman from NSL said: "This incident was bought to our attention in January 2011, not long after it took place. The matter was dealt with in accordance with our usual processes and appropriate action was taken."


Drivers refunded after traffic wardens issued fines for cars parked on snow-covered double yellow lines – Yahoo! News UK

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Orphaned kangaroo Anzac and wombat Peggy become best of friends – Yahoo! News UK


Orphaned kangaroo Anzac and wombat Peggy become best of friends

Yahoo! News


An orphaned kangaroo and wombat have found creature comfort with one another.
Anzac the joey and Peggy the wombat have become best friends after sharing a pouch together at the Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Centre in Victoria, Australia.

Orphans Anzac the kangaroo joey and Peggy the wombat

At just over five months old, Anzac was brought to the centre after being rescued in the Macedon Ranges. Missing his mum, Anzac was placed with wombat Peggy and the two now sleep together.
Worker Lisa Milligan said the unlikely friends are comforted by each other’s movement and heartbeat. She said: "There are lots of baby animals about at the moment, and they are orphaned for a range of reasons."
One of the reasons the lively duo get on so well is their similar personalities – with Anzac described as very social while Peggy is boisterous and cheeky.

The two have become close friends (Picture: Rex)

Orphaned kangaroo Anzac and wombat Peggy become best of friends – Yahoo! News UK

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