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Report: North Korea worst for Christian persecution | Fox News


Report: North Korea worst for Christian persecution

By Christopher Snyder

Heard on Fox

Published January 08, 2014


North Korea remains the world’s most restrictive nation in which to practice Christianity, according to the 2014 World Watch List released by Open Doors, a nonprofit organization helping persecuted Christians worldwide. The hermit kingdom is at the top of the rankings for the 12th consecutive year.

The list is compiled of countries where Christians face the most pressure and violence. Other nations included are Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran.

In an interview with Fox News’ Lauren Green, Dr. David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors USA, said in North Korea, “it’s very dangerous to identify yourself as a Christian.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s absolute rule over the country and the lack of accurate information coming out of Pyongyang makes it difficult to know exactly how the Christian community is treated.

“In some countries there are some freedoms and violence against Christians is noted in news media … in North Korea the control is total,” said Curry. “Reports that have been getting out that have been identified and confirmed by the U.N.  about what is happening to Christians, the kinds of torture that are happening to them … is absolutely inhumane.”

Curry said Kim’s regime might feel threatened by people in North Korea practicing Christianity.

“There’s a weird theocracy that’s been developed over three generations … that’s is especially fearful of any sort of spirituality or personal faith that would run contrary to the fact Kim Jong-Un [and his predecessors] … consider themselves Gods,” said Curry.

Report: North Korea worst for Christian persecution | Fox News


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  2. North Korea is a country of the nothingness.

    Comment by jmsabbagh | January 10, 2014

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