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Man ‘Survives Without Food’ For 70 Years –


Man ‘Survives Without Food’ For 70 Years

6 hours 35 mins ago

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Indian doctors are studying a remarkable 83-year-old holy man who claims to have spent the last seven decades without food and water. Skip related content



Military medics hope the experiments on Prahlad Jani can help soldiers develop their survival strategies.

The long-haired and bearded yogi is under 24-hour observation by a team of 30 doctors during three weeks of tests at a hospital in the western city of Ahmedabad.

Two cameras have been set up in his room, while a mobile camera films him when he goes outside, guaranteeing round-the-clock observation.

His body will be scanned and his brain and heart activity measured with electrodes.

"The observation from this study may throw light on human survival without food and water," said Dr G. Ilavazahagan, who is directing the research.

"This may help in working out strategies for survival during natural calamities, extreme stressful conditions and extra-terrestrial explorations like future missions to the Moon and Mars by the human race."

Since the experiment began on April 22, Jani has neither eaten nor drunk and has not been to the toilet.

"The exercise of taking this yogi under the medical scanner is to understand what energy supports his existence," Dr Ilavazahagan added.

"Jani says he meditates to get energy. Our soldiers will not be able to meditate, but we would still like to find out more about the man and his body."

Jani, who dresses in red and wears a nose ring, grew up in Charod village in the Mehsana district in Gujarat.

He claims to have been blessed by a goddess when he was aged eight, which has enabled him to survive without sustenance.

Man ‘Survives Without Food’ For 70 Years – Yahoo! News UK


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Stephen Hawking: alien life is out there, scientist warns.


Stephen Hawking: alien life is out there, scientist warns

Stephen Hawking has suggested that aliens almost certainly exist but has warned humanity not to try to contact them.

Published: 8:39AM BST 25 Apr 2010

Life could evolve in the upper atmosphere of gas giants Jupitar

Life could evolve in the upper atmosphere of gas giants Jupitar Photo: Discovery channel

Alien hunters prepare to attack a herd of plant-eaters

Alien predators finish off a large grazer with repeated poison stinger strikes Photo: Discovery Channel

A squid-like creature feeds on the bottom of the salty ocean thought to exist below the surface of one of Jupiter's moons

A squid-like creature feeds on the bottom of the salty ocean thought to exist below the surface of one of Jupiter’s moons Photo: Discovery Channel/Darlow Smithson Productions

Cambridge Professor Stephen Hawking awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

Prof Hawking steps down as Lucasian professor Photo: GETTY

One of the world’s leading scientists makes the claim in a new television documentary series, beginning on the Discovery Channel next month.

Hawking says that in a universe with 100 billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of millions of stars, it is unlikely that earth is the only place where life has evolved.

"To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational," he said, according to The Sunday Times.

"The real challenge is working out what aliens might actually be like."

Hawking says that they could be microbes – basic animals such as worms which have been on Earth for millions of years, but suggests that extraterrestrial life could develop much further.

"We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet," Hawking said.

"I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach."

The scientist, who is paralysed by motor neurone disease, warned that contact with alien life could spell disaster for the human race.

"If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the American Indians."

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Sleeping polar bears caught on camera.


Sleeping polar bears caught on camera

Photographed just ten feet from the world’s largest land predator, these images of sleeping polar bears catch the powerful animals at their cutest.

Published: 10:02AM BST 18 Apr 2010

Sleeping polar bears caught on camera

A polar bear snoozes in the Arctic’s Baffin Island Photo: Amos Nachoum / Barcroft

And true to the saying, when the bears awake they seem to have developed a very sore head.

Taken by renowned adventurer Amos Nachoum at a death defying distance, these three bears were snapped on the icy tundra of Admiralty Inlet on the Arctic’s Baffin Island.

Tracked down with the aid of his trusted Inuit guide of 15 years, Amos used a combination of experience and sheer daring to get within spitting distance of the 10 foot tall, 71-stone bears.

"I approached to within ten feet of the bears as they lay asleep, resting on the ice," explained the 59-year old adventure photographer.

"They were fast asleep, but of course this is not the action that every photographer should take when faced with a sleepy polar bear.

"While my friend and guide Esa, watched and observed the bear, I approached downwind and got as close I could possibly feel comfortable with.

"The polar bears greatest sense is its smell, so I had to always be aware of where the wind was blowing."

Having tracked the bears through their footprints in the snow Esa and Amos, who runs an adventure holiday firm called Big Animal Expeditions, led his team of three paying customers directly to the bears.

"These expeditions are conducted at the beginning of the Arctic summer in late May and June, when it is around two or three degrees above zero," said the Israeli photographer who has previously worked with the BBC and National Geographic.

"They can comfortably sleep in these temperatures and these were all taken in the late evening, probably after they had eaten,

"I can not be certain, but they are all probably males, because at this time of year, most of the female bears are concerned with their cubs."

Capturing the bears in the deepest of sleeps, Amos explained the fear that he felt as he got close enough to photograph these stunning images.

"I have almost 40-years of experience dealing with dangerous apex predators in their natural environment," said Amos.

"I am aware of the slightest movements and know exactly how to react if the bear was to awake suddenly.

"And that is exactly what Amos had to do when one of the bears awoke from its slumber.

"The bear slowly got to its feet and showed its displeasure," said Amos.

"However, the number of people present and the noise we were making from our skidoos meant that it did not come closer and we safely retreated."

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Polish air crash: pilots made one last broadcast as plane went down.


Polish air crash: pilots made one last broadcast as plane went down

The crew of the aircraft carrying the Polish president managed to broadcast one final message before the plane plunged into woodland killing all 96 on board, the first analysis of black boxes shows.

Matthew Day in Warsaw

Lech Kaczynski

Polish President Lech Kaczynski died in a plane crash in Russia Photo: AFP

Investigators disclosed that the pilots were aware they could do nothing to prevent their demise.

"On the basis of the data in the possession of prosecutors one could say that the crew was aware of the inevitability of the coming catastrophe," said Andrzej Seremet, Poland’s chief prosecutor. He added that the passengers probably remained oblivious to the danger until the very last second.

Investigators believe that as the aircraft approached Smolensk airport just a few metres off the ground its left wing was sheared off by a tall tree, and pictures taken near the crash site showing a tree cut in half appear to corroborate this.

Minus a wing, the stricken aircraft rolled to its left before slamming into the ground roof first and breaking into pieces. Experts estimate that only three to five seconds elapsed between hitting the tree and the plan’s destruction.

The new details emerged as Russian investigators said that black boxes also indicated the Polish pilots were unfamiliar with the aircraft and tried to descend too fast, and thereby caused the crash.

A report based on the initial analysis of information stored in the boxes points the finger of blame at the air crew.

"An analysis of the evidence, including the first results from the decoding of the black boxes, shows that an error in piloting led to the disaster," the Interfax news agency quoted a source close to the investigation as saying.

The report reads that as the Polish government Tupolev Tu-154 made its final and doomed attempt to land at Smolensk airport in western Russia it came in at greater speed that pilots may have anticipated.

"A particularity of the plane is that if its speed of descent is more than six metres (20 feet) per second, when the plane equalized and goes into a horizontal flight it loses altitude," the source said.end

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Dalmatian horse spotted on Dartmoor


Dalmatian horse spotted on Dartmoor

A horse with the markings of a Dalmatian dog has been discovered running wild in Devon.


Dalmatian horse spotted on Dartmoor

‘Spotty’ was born just over a week ago at Wembury Point, near Plymouth

Photo: APEX

The young horse, who was born to a chocolate brown mare, is a British spotted pony whose father shares the same unusual colouring.

Perhaps rather predictably named Spotty, he was born just over a week ago at Wembury Point, near Plymouth although his family usually grazes on Dartmoor.

British spotted ponies have a variety of colour types including white spots on a dark background which are known as "snowflake".

Spotty’s black spots on a white background are known as "leopard spot".

The markings were a natural camouflage for ponies roaming the heaths and forests of ancient Britain and are included in several Stone Age paintings and on ancient manuscripts.

During Roman times the horses were presented to important officers as a sign of their power. Around 170 are born in Britain every year.

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Pupils left in tears as mayor falls asleep watching school musical.


Pupils left in tears as mayor falls asleep watching school musical

A cast of young pupils were left in tears after their town’s mayor fell asleep in the audience as they performed a school musical.


Pupils left in tears as mayor falls asleep watching school musical: Mayor Noël Atkins

Mayor Noël Atkins fells asleep during a school musical Photo: CONNORS

Children at Vale First and Middle School in Worthing, West Sussex, were excited to be entertaining Mayor Noël Atkins and his wife Helena at their production of Bugsy Malone.

However, the budding actors’ confidence was crushed when their guests of honour dozed off within minutes of curtains up on their rendition of the gangster story.

Some of the youngsters, aged 11, were left sobbing during the interval, believing that the couple’s lethargy was a reflection of their performance.

Parents condemned Mr Atkins’s behaviour as “appalling” and demanded that he apologise.

Ashley Knowlson, 11, who played a tramp in the chorus, said: “I couldn’t believe he fell asleep. Some of the girls were very upset.

“It was cheeky of him. We worked really hard and I loved being in the show.”

His mother, Tina Knowlson, 42, who was in the audience, said: “The kids all worked really hard and rehearsed loads and were really proud of it.

“It was a big night for them to do it in front of the mayor – he was the VIP. The least he and his wife could have done was to stay awake for the performance. It’s a shame he ruined what could have been a special night for them.”

Another parent, who asked not to be named, said: “The couple were the guests of honour but within 20 minutes they had both fallen asleep.

“It’s just disappointing for the children. Some of them were crying during the interval and asked what they were doing wrong.

“They thought the mayor was bored because their performance wasn’t good enough.”

The production was laid on by Year 7 pupils at the school which caters for more than 600 children aged between four and 11, who had spent weeks rehearsing for the big night.

The council confirmed that Mr Atkins, 66, had nodded off during the show, but said it had been his final official engagement after a “very tough day”.

A spokeswoman said: “He dozed off during the performance but it wasn’t as if he was snoring.

“He has had such a tough time lately. He is the council’s business champion and had attended several meetings during the day, doing a lot of very intensive work.

“He barely had enough time to get home, change and get to the musical on time and was extremely tired. He just shut his eyes for a few minutes.”

Apologising yesterday, Mr Atkins, a father of five, blamed his wife’s medication tablets and his heavy cold for their snooze.

He said: “I would like to apologise if I have upset any of the children.

“A reviving cup of coffee did work wonders, and we were pleased to meet and chat with the children during the interval and enjoy their performance of Bugsy.”

Despite getting his free bus pass last year, Mayor Atkins is normally better known in his home town for his energetic approach to local politics.

He threw himself into his first engagement after his appointment last May by “crowd surfing” over a 14,000-strong audience at a church festival

Wearing his official chain, he was carried aloft for two minutes by the cheering crowd in scenes that became an instant hit on YouTube, the video sharing website.

He said at the time: “It was a great sensation though I was a little concerned that I might lose my trousers.”

In August last year, Mr Atkins made a 12,000ft parachute jump to cure his fear of heights before landing in a heap of cow dung near Headcorn, Kent.

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