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Sorry again about this but just on the subject of Christian TV as I have said there is a lot of good work being done through it but as with everything in life things can get twisted and confusing for people and I believe as Christians we need to be very careful how we put across his message on TV especially as so many people across the world can gain access to it. They can hear Gods word maybe for the first time and have their lives changed by him. The world is needy and full of people seeking help with sometimes no hope left in their lives or full of sickness or in real poverty or lonely or old or with burdens they can not shake off . How do we portray Christian living to these people how do we tell these people that Jesus loves them and can help them and can give them a peace which passes all understanding that will change their lives and situations? What scares me most about Christian TV is when Preachers and Christians start thinking their church is something special or they or their programmes are better than someone else’s programmes or when they talk about Money. I would recommend looking at some Christian TV listen to what is said watch what is being portrayed think about what is being portrayed in front of your eyes. We buy Cars, Phones, Makeup, Clothes etc from TV adverts are you always satisfied with what you have bought through that advert and were the adverts true? Is big always better? Is it better to go to where everybody goes to follow the crowds to believe everything we see and hear?
Come to our church we do it the right way thousands of people come to our church we are on TV, look at the young people here we will send a bus for you to pick you up no problem.
Yes there is a problem what about the church you do not have to take a bus to the church not to far away struggling to survive not enough workers to do Gods work not enough money coming in to keep Gods house open. Believe it or not these churches are surrounded by house after house street after street of people young and old who are lost, afraid, sick lonely no hope left so if you are a Christian who takes the bus to the big church it might be a good idea once in a while to cancel the bus and pop down the road to your local church and say how can I help here you never know you might cancel the bus for good?
But: I just wonder what God would say?
John; I want to be rich live a long life and never be sick
God: We had this conversation before
John: Yes but I was watching you know what and am confused
God: You confused?
John: Well all these churches especially in America they seem so rich. All the pastors and Ministers are so well dressed very smart suits beautiful churches big jewels middle class congregation and they all talk about PROSPERITY. Be Saved and Prosper!
God: Star Trek
John: No that’s live long and prosper!
God: Like that programme
John: What do people from poor countries think when they watch that…I want that! I am poor have nothing! Look at how well they dress! They have money! Look at what they have! Look at their churches! No poor people there! I want that! how do you become a Christian?
We could very easily be giving these people the wrong impression and worse still they want Christianity for the wrong reasons. God have we the right to act like this?
Jesus died for us he walked among us he did not have fancy suits big churches he just loved the poor the needy the sick and the rich people but where do these notions come from? They preach that we should have as they say all Gods promises which include according to them lots of money! the problem is a lot of us have more than we need and do nothing with it!
God; Finished
John: Sort of…. I want to tell you about the pastor who wants his own Private Aeroplane………………..
God: John
John: Sorry God
God; There is a good verse in 1 Timothy 6……………….
( As for the rich in this present age, charge them not to be haughty, nor to set their hopes on the uncertainty of riches, but on God, who richly provides us with everything to enjoy.)
John: Good Verse
God: Are you sure you are feeding my Sheep John?


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Brook Boy

I through I would write a little note about the village in N Ireland I was born and brought up in.

It is called Bessbrook a Quaker Village in Co Armagh and to me it is the best wee part of the world and I feel so privileged to have been a small part of it for over 50 Years I am proud to be called a Brook Boy.

Bessbrook was founded in 1845 as a model village with spacious streets and squares surrounding a large Linen Mill owned by the Quaker Richardson family.

At one time, Bessbrook Linen was among the finest in the world, and the Linen Mill provided most of the employment in the village to hundreds of people who lived in Bessbrook and Newry. I can still remember lying in bed and hearing the Mill Horn sound at 7am and then again at 7.15 am to awaken the workforce for other days work at the Mill. I can still hear the footsteps of the hundreds of workers marching past our house and the sound of talking and laughter as they made their way to work. Tenement houses were constructed by the Mill owners for the workers, many of which were of such good quality that they are still inhabited today. Each house also had an allotment garden for the growing of vegetables, and the area of the village where there were situated is still known as The Gardens although the allotments themselves have been replaced by further housing.

One of the many things I remember is that everybody knew everybody and it did not matter what religion you were. Bessbrook was made up of Quaker, Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic denominations each having their own place of worship and all respecting each others traditions.

Another point of interest is that NO PUBS OR CINEMA’S are allowed to be built or used in the village according to the Quaker Law drawn up before the village was built and as far as I know there is only one village in England that has the same law but I can not remember its name.

Bessbrook has a lot of Interesting history which I will write about in further Bloggs

Now that there is Peace in N Ireland what a tourist attraction Bessbrook could be and we need to approach the Council to make sure that money is spent in the Area to attract Tourists to such a unique place.

I will write and tell you some stories and put up some pictures soon

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Parkie calls it a day

Michael Parkinson is making one more show for ITV UK after doing 25 years with the BBC he is calling it a day and is going to take next year off to write his autobiography and consider other television projects.Sad news for all people who like good Television and Michael Parkinson in my opinion was the best interviewer ever on British television. His retirement from the Parkinson Show will leave a big gap which I do not think can be filled by anyone else. His interviews with Muhammad Ali were some of the best television ever seen in the UK.So I say well done Parkie you will be missed…………

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“Go to work on an egg”

“Go to work on an egg” ad banned

“Go to work on an egg” “Ad banned in UK”

Well done Author Fay Weldon for standing up for common sense what are they going to ban next !!! Millions of us went to work on an EGG and guess what we are still here!!!

Who makes up these stupid rules and how much do they get paid? any chance of a job?

PS lets ban Baked Beans there must be something wrong with eating them !!!

Watch the add here..

Read about it here……

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The World Has Gone Mad!

I have just finished watching the TV News the World has gone mad! Is it just me or is everybody going around shooting and killing and is half the world starving. There is war everywhere in the world people are being killed in thousands HALF THE WORLD IS STARVING and it seems that nobody cares.This may be a stupid thought but how do we stop it? Has the world not suffered enough? Have we not worked it out yet nothing is solved by violence and war how do we get it through to these people STOP FIGHTING AND KILLING.What the World needs now is Peace a time for people to talk and work things out. It is time that the so called Superpowers sent Peace Makers and not weapons to these places (NO GUNS NO WAR) and started talking Peace. It is time that the wealthy nations started sharing with nations that have nothing. Are we so greedy that we do not care what happens elsewhere or do we think that we can not change anything?Here is a question ……..If we all said to our Governments no more war. If we all said to our Governments feed the World…if we all stood united against War and Poverty do you think it would make a difference?The first step is standing up and being counted followed by letters to your Government saying WE WANT PEACE AND LETS FEED THE WORLD remember it is hard for one person to be heard but it is hard not to hear thousands of people.Lets Feed the World Lets shout out about War Lets shout out about Poverty Lets change the World…..Together!

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There is a wall in front of me

There is a wall in front of me that is stopping me from being me

There is a wall in front of me that is to high to let me see

There is a wall in front of me so wide it over – shadows me

There is a wall in front of me to hard to climb even for me

There is a wall in front of me can someone help me please break free

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Sorry about this but just another Blogg 0n the subject of Christian TV

I just wonder what God would say if he watched some of the Christian programmes that are on TV?

John: God

God: Yes John

John; I want to be rich live a long life and never be sick!

God: Why?

John: Well I was watching this programme….

God: Don’t tell me Christian TV

John: Yes God nearly all the stations preached get saved become wealthy get healed get saved and filled with the Holy Spirit then become even more wealthy get healed and saved properly.

God: Stop what did you say?

John: Which part?


John: Yes there was this Pastor or Mr PhD or Mr Deacon or Mr Minister at Large or Mr Head over all (where do they get these qualifications from?)who was saying that some people did not get healed properly from their sickness when other Christian people or Leaders laid hands on them and needed to come to him so that he could do it properly now to be fair he said it was in your name even though you had to plant a seed (money) for it usually into their ministry.

God: Am I not God

John: Yes Lord

God: Am I not God

John: Yes Lord

God: I am alpha and omega the beginning and the end without me nothing would be. Nothing is impossible for me if I say to this mountain move it will move or if I say to the sea roll back it will roll back why because I am God and above me there is no one else. I am God to be worshiped by my people whom I love with a love mankind can not understand and all I do for them is Free.

John: I know that Lord


God: Any Questions

John: No God.

God: What about my Sheep John have you fed them today?

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Christian TV

Christian TV

I have been watching some Christian TV lately and have to say that it leaves me a little confused, angry and well confused. This is not to say that there is not good Christian programming but…

I just wonder what God would say?

John: Hello God

God: What are you watching?

John: Christian TV.

God: Any good?

John: This programme is about Christian stuff mostly in America but they are raising money to build wells in
Africa people there have no running water.

God: That is good how much?

John: Well 15 dollars will give 3 people water for life, 30 dollars will give 20 people water for life and 1000 dollars will give a whole village running water for life plus you get a Crystal Statue.

God: A Crystal Statue what for?

John: To put on your Dresser so that you and your friends will know you gave money to give people in poor countries water.

God: I have 15 dollars you send it for me and get me a Crystal Statue…Thanks

John: Little problem…you have to send 1000 dollars to get the Crystal Statue

God Why?

John: Well I Suppose they are classed as better people because they give more they even call these givers by a different name special partners or something like that.  

God: Only have 15 dollars send it and get me the Crystal Statue

John: Don’t think it will work.

God: Still want the Crystal Statue

John: Why?

God: Thought I could bring it to a Car Boot sale I could get 15 dollars (pounds) for it and then I could send it off to that programme so that 3 more people in
Africa may have running water.

God: John

John: Yes God

God: There is a good passage in the Bible about giving come to think about it the Bible is full of good passages I especially like the one about the widow who gave all she had.

God: John

John: Yes God

God: Have you fed my Sheep today

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Why are there so many churches?

Life is a funny thing if you really think about it. We are born we grow up and we get old well most of us some of us get sick some prosper others don’t some find life very hard some don’t and then life here is over. So what is it all about?Down through the ages people have looked to this and that stars in the night sky idols of every kind but no one thing could really provide an answer for mankind  like:Why are we here? What are we? Who are we? Are we alone? What is life about? Is there a God? Why is the world so divided? Why are there rich people and poor people? Where is god when we need him? Why am I sick?

And then along came Jesus.

In today’s world of: Television, satellite, mobile phones, computers, Christian TV I wonder what God would say about what is happening in our world today and how well we are doing the Lords work as Christians and how well we portray his message to the world and how we answer peoples questions and needs as Christians.

I wonder what God would say.

If you think this blogg will give you the answers to these and more questions please think again we all have questions we would like to know the answers to and so have I.So why write this blogg? I have been looking at the world through my small eyes and may I say small mind and wondering I just wonder what God would say? Right from the start I have to say that I believe the Bible and know in my heart the love of Jesus and believe that through is death on a cross we can receive salvation,  a new life and a place in heaven through no works of our own.But after saying that… Here are a few of my Questions and I just wonder what God would say?It has always puzzled me why there are so many Christian churches why are there so many churches? The free church the Free Free Church the we are really Free Church the independent Free Church, Presbyterians, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, Salvation Army, House Churches AND ON AND ON! What is wrong or who is wrong are we all wrong or is everybody right (I have to sit down feel dizzy)

I just wonder what God would say to me?

God: Hello John where are you going?

John: I am on my way to church see my bible?  God: Good.  John: Presbyterian that’s me. God: Good.  John: Good that I am a Presbyterian?  God: No good you are going to church. John: Good solid people Presbyterians. God: Good. John: Good that they are solid? God: No good you are going to church. God: Where are those people going? John: They are going to other churches. God: Good  John: Good they are going to other churches? God: No good they are going to Church. John: ok I think.  God: They are not Presbyterian then?  John: No they belong to other churches there are lots of them. God: Who do Presbyterians worship? John: Why you of course God. God: Who do the other people worship?  John: You God.  God: Would it not be better if you all worshiped me together or is there a problem?  John: Well some people say we should worship like this and some people say we should worship like that some people say they have the whole truth some say there is not enough praise in the service some say not enough teaching some baptize babies some baptize adults it goes on and on some talk about being full of the holy spirit and sing praise to you with their arms up the air some only sing Psalms others sing with no music it is complicated.

God: Am I complicated?

John: No

God: Then why is going to church together so hard. Do you think man and his ego has anything to do with it? If you love me and have received my salvation for free can you not stand in unity together and worship me? And by the way who founded all these churches?  John: They were founded by men and women who claim you told them to.    God: All of them.  John: Yep  God: Do you love me John? John: Yes Lord  God: Feed my Sheep. John: But what about all the churches?  God: What about all the churches if you love me and keep my word close to your heart and have received my salvation and walk in my ways  then you belong to me no matter what church you belong to. John: But what about all these churches SOMEONE HAS TO BE RIGHT YES?  God: Well if I have told men and women to start different churches then it must be right? By the way ( I hope no one would start a church unless they asked me first  I mean no one would start a church because they fell out with someone or felt they knew more than someone or thought they were better than someone else or thought they were more important or spiritual now would they? ) By the way I saw you last Sunday morning when you were singing those worship songs your hand was held upwards in praise to me… are you sure you are Presbyterian?  John: Yes just got carried away.  God: John.  John: Yes God.


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